PSE TAC Radial Crossweave Arrows

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6 radial crossweave arrows for the TAC 15 and TAC 15i and the TAC Elite and TAC Ordnance. Includes 85 grain field points and nocks. 


The arrows are extremely high quality with 4 veins each. My only wish was that they came with 100 grain tips in order to match the broad heads sold on the same page. Maybe there is a reason, but don't know what that would be....
A spot of glue in front of each vane will keep the vanes from coming off, but replacing the biscuit with the QAD rest is the way to go.
The bow is more than I hoped for. This is my second year owning it ........ Popped a few deer with it .... Biggest complaint is that the vanes on the arrows peel off.
The quality is great...not one arrow had any flight issues...
Great customer service, I had a question about the arrows. Len and Andy were quick to reply and answer my question. I just bought an extra set of arrows along with the lighted nocks, for the upcoming hunting season.
I see why they say only use those with the TAC 15. Those are probably the only arrows that could take the punch of that crossbow..
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