PSE TAC 15i Crossbows


The TAC 15i is the most accurate crossbow on the planet. The PSE TAC 15i is also the most powerful.   (FREE - Scope, Carry Case & Bipod - $260 Value) US Ship Only

The TAC 15i (both pictured here) comes fully integrated with a stock and trigger mechanism.The TAC 15i features a fully adjustable stock and crisp trigger.

TAC 15i crossbows come with 3 free arrows included.

WARNING: PSE TAC arrows are the only approved projectiles for the TAC series of crossbows.


PSE TAC 15i Railless design

PSE TAC 10i D-Loop

TAC 10i Specifications:

Axle-to-Axle: 17" at brace, 12-1/2" at full draw

Kinetic Energy: 116-109 ft-lbs (425 grain bolt)

Lock Time: 12 milliseconds (trigger-to-bolt release from string)

Mass Weight : 7.8 lbs

Peak Weight: 145 lbs

Powerstroke: 14"

Speed: 350-340 fps (425 grain bolt)


TAC 15i Specifications:

Axle to-Axle: 17" at brace, 12" at full draw

Kinetic Energy: 153-145 ft-lbs (425 grain bolt)

Lock Time: 12 milliseconds (trigger-to-bolt release from string)

Mass Weight : 8.0 lbs

Peak Weight: 155 lbs

Powerstroke: 17-1/4"

Speed : 402-392 fps (425 grain bolt)


This is an outstanding crossbow. My son had a crossbow from another manufacturer and this is WAY better. I swapped out the stock because I am not a big fan of the standard AR-15 collapsible stock -- it's kind of flimsy for a crossbow of this quality. I also installed a Giessele DMR trigger, which significantly improves the trigger pull.

This is a serious piece of equipment and I look forward to years of fine service.

Andy and Len at LRH were excellent. They installed the drop-away rest and had my crossbow (and extra bolts) in the mail ASAP. Their service was excellent and I look forward to doing business with them again soon.
I love my tac 15i, I ordered it with the timney upgrade and the Quad drop-away arrow rest. It is extremely accurate and powerful. I will be using this xbow for years to come.
As a disabled hunter with only the use of my arms, I was somewhat nervous the first time I cranked that arrow all the way back. Since then, 100s of shots later, I would not change one thing, and will be using it for years to come.
I will change the stock for the lengh of pull is too short for me, overwise it is excatly that I needed. Powerful, accurate and sleek looking :)
The package was sent to me the following day of my order. The guys at Long range Hunting did follow through with e-mails and even a phone call. Will definitely recommend to anyone.
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