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    SOLD/EXPIRED Horus Vision Raptor 4-16x50 FFP H-25 *SOLD*

    Re: Horus Vision Raptor 4-16x50 FFP H-25 Airborne Trooper, your email did not come through. Item is currently on hold for another buyer.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Horus Vision Raptor 4-16x50 FFP H-25 *SOLD*

    $500 4-16x50 H-25 reticle FFP mil/mil More info at Rings accidentally scratched. Possible trade for 6-24x50LRMOA SIII Thanks for looking!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED shepherd 3-10x40mm *SOLD*

    Re: shepherd 3-10x40mm Asking $300 shipped.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Horus Vision Raptor 4-16x50

    Asking $500 shipped
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    SOLD/EXPIRED shepherd 3-10x40mm *SOLD*

    FFP with P1 reticle Good glass Well used, taken off 300 win mag using veeeerrryyyy light loads 168A-Max @ ~2700fps to match P1 reticle. Eye relief- 3" to 3.5" Weighs- 17oz Length- 13.75" Price? Looking to upgrade to a SIII 8-32 moa/moa, also have horus scope for sale on other posting. Thanks...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Horus Vision Raptor 4-16x50

    Retail New- $1000 H-25 reticle Interest in SIII 8-32 moa/moa Scope shows signs of use, rings scratched, taken off of 243 winchester savage bull with less than 100 rounds. Haven't shot it in two years, need a moa/moa rifle scope. This scope worth? Also have a shepherd scope for sale, good...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Horus vision raptor 4-16x50 ffp

    ... My Raptor scope from Horus vision is no longer for sale until I post pics.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 243 savage with b&c stock, stainless bull mcqowen barrel

    ... My 243 is not for sale until pics are posted.
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    South of Reno Nevada (Photos)

    Well I been around just northwest of reno to stateline of CA since I was a kid and haven't really encounters rattlesnakes. Just a couple of baby rattlers by the truckee river while fishing. But I did step right over a a very stuffed 4 to 5 foot boa snake of some kind. Never figured out what kind...
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    Best of the West stepped big time!!!

    Re: Best of the West steps up big time!!! The way I look at the price is like a homeowner can remodel his own home by himself regardless of his skills or he can spend the money on a contractor that has the skill to remodel ya home. And BOTW is top quality that continues to improve. Sorry if I...
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    338EDGE at 94gr and No Pressure signs

    put too much powder in and the primer could come loose. That would be dangerous. Don't know the max load.
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    Best of the West stepped big time!!!

    Best of the West sent me this e-mail, looks like they are ready to really step it up! Gunwerks July 2010 Newsletter Very expensive but perfect for introducing to long range the easy way.
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    Long Range Bowhunting By Lorenzo Young

    Congratulation! A 90 yard shot with a bow is like a 900 yard shot with a gun. The drop in inches are actually very close. But I really disagree with using light arrows for long range (past 50yd), it just doesn't have the penetration like the heavier arrows do.
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    High Country Velvet

    Now thats hardcore hunting! Congratulation.
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    FFP worth extra cost?

    LOL Love the chevies but I drive a ford! LOL

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