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    Free Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x56 Scope - Drawing

    ---------------------------- What state(s) do you hunt big game in most often? Michigan What is your primary long range hunting cartridge? 30-06 (building up a 300 Tomahawk) -------------------------------------- Regarding your primary long range hunting cartridge choice above: Do...
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    Glock Safety Lock Problem HELP ????

    Try asking over at
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    Question for the Experienced Muzzle Brake Shooter

    Ummm the reduction in ejecta energy will be the same, regardless of rifle weight. However the percentage of felt recoil reduction will be greater with the lighter rifle. The heavier rifle will still have less felt recoil than the lighter rifle.
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    Going the other way....

    No experance in Maine, but here in northern Michigan ranges can run from 25yd to 500yd (and that's just by turning 180deg). If your in dense scrub a shotgun/buckshot is highly effective (mostly snap shooting / running shots in the 25-50yd range) if on the other hand your overlooking a timber...
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    Barrel Twist

    Remember that the Greenhill formulia gives you the MINIMUM twist required to stablize the length of bullet being used. Within reason, going with a faster twist is better (1-12 is faster than 1-14)
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    Bought A brand new 30-378 weatherby what should i do first

    First thing is to clean out anything the factory left in the barrel/chamber/locking lugs, than dry the chamber and lube the locking lugs. Fire a round and inspect for traces of copper in the barrel, clean (if present) until the copper is gone or fire another round and inspect again until you can...
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    go - nogo primer pocket pressure gauges

    If you want to measure the pocket diameter, and changes there in, get a few "Plug Gauges" (the class X ones are NIST tracable), there available in increments of .0001 (tolerance of -0.00000/+.00004 for go type, -.00004/+0.00000 for No-Go types). Or you can get a set of 13 (-.0012 to +.0012)...
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    750gr solid at 2580fps yeilding 11100ft/lb at the muzzle, launched from a 13.5lb gun by 186gr of powder without a brake, 168ft/lb of recoil energy at 28fps ya that'll kick your butt. And I'd love to give it a shot (pun intended)
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    Decisions, Decisions...Need suggestions

    Thanks all. I'll give the RUM some serious consideration. Jerry Nice analogy. BTW, My 30-06 "sporter" is wearing a 25" #5 Shilen, and has never let me down inside of 450yd, using 150gr NBT's. I'm looking to extend my range capabilities out a little further than I'm comfortable with at present.
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    Decisions, Decisions...Need suggestions

    Ok, showing my ignorance here. Is the RUM a major leap (in reality) over the 300Wby/300Jarret size cartridges that I mentioned above? I ask only because I see in the Nosler manual that the RUM only runs some 50fps faster in their test barrels. BTW I will probably stay with 180gr or less...
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    Decisions, Decisions...Need suggestions

    Building a new rifle, baised on the CZ Magnum action (.532 bolt face) and a 30" .308 barrel. Usage will be longer range hunting than my 30-06 is capable of handling. Looking for chambering suggestions (but I won't consider anything with Weatherby in the name, long story). I'm considering things...
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    Long Range Dangerous Game?

    CEG First thing is "Thank You" Second thing is that I have never hunted bear, and am a mid-range deer shooter. Third thing is that one of my Amish friends used to guide bear hunts in AK (Kodiak Island?), and he always said that he prefered a client that used a 30-06/300WM class rifle and could...
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    News Flash ... .... .. - Lightweight 416 Rigby kicks hard!!

    Dave, Welcome to the world of recoil. Kind of makes you sympathise those poor guys in Saeed's T-Rex videos dosn't it? You probably already know this, but when shooting the boomers offhand, if you push FORWARD with your left hand on the forend it will reduce the felt recoil (and right shoulder...
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    nomenclature of cartridges

    416 Rigby brass has a 45deg shoulder, and it's very difficult to not bulge the shoulder/body junction when seating a bullet. YMMV
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    Big Bore Calibers

    Standard Rigby load (400gr @ 2400fps) fired from a CZ has about 63ft/lb of recoil and it's a fairly slow roll recoil (had one of these, traded it to a guy that wanted more recoil than his 375H&H had). The standard 375H&H load (300gr @ 2550) from the same gun runs about 45ft/lb and again...

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