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    First, Thanks for your service as a member of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children,and as a police officer.I haven't hunted NE or ND,but I've hunted South Dakota quite a bit. I concentrate on West River tags. I have hunted mainly around Kadoka-Murdo area because we new some people but that changed and...
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    Factory Ammo Problems

    Holy crap as if we haven't had troubles enough the last few years! Thank you for passing along your findings, I guess there's no getting around supply and demand and the old profit motive. I personally buy very little factory ammo,but I recently did get some for my Ruger SPR. Gonna be very...
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    Film 36: Marlborough Red Stag Roar

    Well done! Beautiful country they have there,definitely on the bucket list.
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    Hello from Argentina

    Welcome Matias, I've only seen your beautiful country in movies and on Google earth but would like to hunt there one day! Please feel free to share any hunting pic's you might have.
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    Honeymoon Hog Hunt - 8 Hogs Down

    Well Done! Certainly beats flowers and a box of chocolates for a honeymoon!
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    New from SE IA

    Welcome, from another Iowan! I've learned much from members here, I'm sure you will too!
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    "It's not your Mama's venison burger"

    Just copied your recipe! Sadly the kid got to my last 5lbs of venison...guess I'll have to wait to try it. Wait a minute, Nephew has some elk burger! Thanks Feenix
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    Almost forgot the .25 guys

    All've got my attention. I've got a 25-06 with a 9 twist, I'll be calling in an order to give them a try.
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    Nodak Coyote

    I've had the same issues with wind.I'd usually try to get into river bottom's or some other terrain that was sheltered from the wind. Hard thing to come by in your neck of the wood's! Nothin' between you and the North Pole but a fence post.
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    West Texas Mule Deer Kill

    KillerBee, I used to get to Rosedale Station a few times a year. Your pic's remind me of the country around there. Would like to hunt some of the Mulies there some day.
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    Why are there no 25's????

    +1 on the better bullets for the 25! A few years ago I got a Kreiger with 1 in 9 twist for my old model Sendero and love it. It really likes the 117gr Ballistic tips, but wish someone would make a high BC bullet. Years ago member Buffalo Bob gave me some 127gr custom bullets he had and they were...
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    Blinded by the Light ! :-(

    For what it's worth, many years ago I'd bought a cheap P.O.S. Russian night vision scope. It came with a scope cap for it's large front lens. Although new, the cap had a small pin hole in it dead center. I was busy cussing all things Russian but broke down and read the directions. It stated that...
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    Some advice needed!

    Of the two choices you mentioned I'd go with the .270, Antelope aren't terribly hard to kill. If I might I'd like to suggest considering the 25-06,or 6MM, or 6-284. The 6MM might not get you to 500 yards but since most shot's on Antelope are inside 300 yards it'd probably work. The reason I make...
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    Lasik ...

    Good deal! I'll have to check into that cuz the old shootin' eye isn't what it was.
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    World smallest V12 engine

    I went and watched the full video, That is amazing to someone who's only experience with a lathe has been turning armature's and making a few bushings. Thanks for sharing a work of art.

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