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    If you could only have 3 long guns, which would you choose?

    Makes me feel kinda sick just trying to think about answering a question like that. I'm having a lot more fun thinking about what are the next 3 components I'm going to buy for my 300 Blackout pistol build. Ok... I'll humor you.... I have a lot of fun taking care of yard varmints with my Savage...
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    My first mule deer hunt.....amazing!

    Congratulations!!! Doing something like that is definitely on my bucket list. I need to stop buying guns and save for a hunting trip. Wish I knew more about how to go about it.
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    hunting rifle recommendations needed

    Browning X-bolt stainless stalker is in that price range. Good out of the box gun. I have one in 25-06. I think 7mm-08 would also work well. The new Hells Canyon Speed also looks very interesting.
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    Brownings Hells Canyon

    I also came across the Hells Canyon Speed while in the local store. I'm having to talk myself out of ordering one in 7mm-08. I have an X bolt stainless stalker in 25-06 that will shoot 1/2 MOA with the right loads. I also have an A bolt in 300 WSM. I feel the Brownings don't get the love...
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    outdoor hobbies besides shooting

    I enjoy kayaking the local rivers and lakes. Mainly just when the weather is awesome. Other than that, I burn wood for heat, and I enjoy tinkering with my chainsaws, so I spend a lot of time cutting and splitting wood.