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    Tikka an appropriate action for the Nosler family?

    This was excellent, thank you to all for responding in the confirmation. Looking forward to beginning the project.
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    Tikka an appropriate action for the Nosler family?

    Has anyone out there built one successfully? Any feeding challenges? Factory mag or AICS LA? Anything you would do differently?
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    Nosler RDF

    I can understand how the overhyped marketing would have a flash in the pan effect. When Hornady put out the 208 Amax, from what I remember, it was ahead of its time. If I recall, they may have underestimated it's actual BC, and as a result, it was never the hit it could have been. I've used it...
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    Nosler RDF

    This reflects the part that I think is not reasonable from our consumer perspective- and to be sure, I'm not arguing personally, but rather on the representation that this is the general perspective for the purpose of debate. The manufacturer does not benefit from 'honesty' in this...
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    Nosler RDF

    If a bullet design is accurate and consistent, what does it matter if it doesn't have the highest BC in its weight class?
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    Great News From Hornady

    I'm not sure I would agree with the statement that Hornady lagged behind in high bc bullets in the past. Does anyone remember the 7mm 162 gr National Match? I have a few boxes left, and those bullets are as long as the 180 hybrids of today. The issue in this case was that they were too far ahead...
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    tikka t3 284win vs 280 vs 280ai

    I chose 284 for my T3. No issues at all to report. Debating ballistic performance between each of the mentioned choices is not a good use of time. The differences between each are mere inches at 1k and barrel life between all will not be discernable with any statistical certainty. Driving...
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    Tikka m695 conversion to Short Action?

    Better to build it off a T3 action. In this case, the 695 action will prove difficult to support.
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    143 gr ELD-X profle ??

    Comparing the depicted shapes, I would be interested to see empirical data for the two. The VLD has a longer boat tail, improving both drag characteristics and also transonic stability. That long boat tail also reduces bearing surface area, enabling less energy to be lost due to kinetic...
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    143 gr ELD-X profle ??

    Too bad about the boat tail/bearing length they decided to put on the 143. Some available performance appears to be designed out of the bullet.
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    Howdy, Is your 4-16 vortex pst still available? Best, Mike

    Howdy, Is your 4-16 vortex pst still available? Best, Mike