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    .338 M.O.A.G. (mother of all guns) pics and story

    goodgrouper Great lookin rifle and cartridge. Do you shoot LR Benchrest? You should. NBRSA Nationals in Sacramento this year and in Byers CO next year. By the way, what is that white stuff on the tops of those hills in the background??
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    Altitude & Temperature Effects on a Bullet?

    Steve Go to the ballistics Forum and there is a free program where you can run all kinds of scenarios.
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    Vais Brakes and long range

    old I have Vais brakes on my long range benchrest rifles and i bought them direct from Ron Bartlett. As far as I know they are standard in every way. Since NBRSA rules do not permit brakes that discharge gasses to the rear maybe that is what you had heard about?? Ray
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    6mm AI Action length.

    Centre The short action 700 was factory made in 244 Rem. It will work as long as the loaded ammo does not exceed factory length. Using the long 107 grain bullets seated out where they belong you will have to single feed and remove the bolt to eject a loaded round.
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    Anyone used the DIY Teflon/Moly paint?

    cbaker I thought about doing just an action so I called Brownells and talked to one of the techs. He said there's no reason it couldn't be done at home using a kitchen oven but he also said that they highly recommend sand or bead blasting before applying. He said there's a chance of...
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    Rem 700 BDL LA Mag Length???

    Three and three/quarter inches.
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    RCBS Powdermaster electronic dispenser?

    budlight Look at the bright side. You have one-half of one of the better powder dispensing systems around. An RCBS infrared scale and you're in business. Or, if you have a shooting buddy who has a scale the two of you can work together.
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    scope base shims

    doubleD You're right, it will throw the rings out of alignment which, in turn, will stress the scope tube. You can remedy this by lapping the rings back into alignment but by the time you're finished you will probably wish you had simply bought a tapered base. A few years ago when tapered...
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    how do i fix a cracked stock??

    exs That crack is in the worst posible spot, as you probably have already figured out. Especially for a hard kicker. If it was mine I would hog out as much material as I could and rebuild the entire area, including the recoil lug, with an epoxy like Steel Bed or some such. A cross screw or...
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    McCowen Barrels

    Gene Could you mean McGowan?? I believe he was a barrel maker quite a few years ago. Don't know if he's still in business. As I recall his barrels were about of the same quality as Douglas. If it really is McCowan then obviously that's not him.
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    Little help please

    Rem-man Follow JB's advice. If that still doesn't work it may be that you have a too long die or a too high shell holder, or both. It is possible to take a little off the bottom of the die. However, it is very hard and requires grinding or a lathe and carbide cutter. You might also ask your...
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    FN Rifle - Mauser replica?

    Whitewolf The Mauser action became very popular following WWII because of the thousands of surplus military rifles that found their way to the USA. To satisfy the demand for a better grade of rifle many manufacturers began making commercial actions that were, functionally, near duplicates of...
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    Non-resident state tag quotas

    LB You'll get no indignant comments from me because most of what you said is true. The only place I think you're wrong is in thinking that it's the State Game & Fish people who are behind the inequities. Each State is different but I live in Arizona and know that it's the politicians who are...
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    .32 Remington - what ammo?

    Whitewolf - There is a big difference between the 32 Remington and the 32 Special. The 32 Rem is a rimless cartridge for use in Rem rifles, the 32 Special is a rimmed cartridge for use in Winchester lever actions. For 32 Rem go to Old Western Scrounger at or e mail at...
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    Need a little knowledgeable Advice

    Roy The angle, drop, or length of any buttstock depends on what the rifle will be used for (offhand, prone, benchrest) and what the sighting equipment is (scope,irons). Most factory stocks are a compromise. Ray