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    WTT powder for primers Central Pennsylvania

    I’m Between Altoona and Johnstown
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    Light recoiling loads. Powder advise

    I got this info from Berger a while back. Here is what they explained to me. I also was told that powder Was the only powder you can use the for reduced loads
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    School me on Suppressors?

    I have a Christensen arms ridgeline in 300 wsm and run a silencerco Omega with the radial break. It quiets it a lot!!! And cuts down recoil dramatically. Also use the same Omega on a 6.5 PRC. They are entertaining to shoot as they are pretty quiet... I direct thread, no torque other than...
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    6.5prc Load data and which powder for lighter weight bullets?

    I’m shooting a Seekins Havok 6.5 PRC with 106gn GSC bullets over n550 and federal 215 primers with very good results. Very accurate at 3450FPS. Haven’t had a good enough opportunity to try it on a whitetail but we are working on that.
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    Hornady ELDX Performance

    What gets me with all this at the end, all bullets perform as they should and or how they were designed to perform. If you don’t like the outcome back up and reevaluate your rifle, bullet and hunting distance. You might just not be cut out to take and animals life. Every experience we complain...
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    My sons 1st coyote

    I’m glad your not shy, thanks for sharing. You should be proud to show those pictures to everyone you meet!
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    My sons 1st coyote

    Thanks for sharing the pictures and story. It’s a proud moment for a dad to see that look on a sons face. He’s a lucky little boy.
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    Newer from PA

    Small world it seems to be to have guys so close with common interest out of how many users on this forum. I think it’s great!
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    Newer from PA

    I’m just off the Munster Portage exit. Ebensburg. Man I spend some time with a friend that has a camp I. Kane and we hunt parts of the national forest. Talk about beautiful area!!!
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    Newer from PA

    Central Pa just off rt 22
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    Newer from PA

    I’m just getting into shooting as a hobby and to more accurately take game at long distance. My kids love to hunt and shoot which is stoking an interest in me to persue, cultivate and take advantage of our second amendment in this great country. At this point I just love to be outside
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    Custom 700 300win Proof Gunwerks Nightforce

    I’d be interested in that scope if it’s not sold already. PM sent
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    Seekin Precision Havoc in 6.5

    What did you end up buying. The CA or the seekins.Metzger?
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    how is NF warantee? Is it as iv heard vortex? Do they transfer the warantee with the scope if it’s sold from one person to another?