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    Want To Buy WTB 7mm .284 Nosler Accubond /Partitons

    I have a bunch of Winchester partition gold 160 gn. If interested.
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    What do you use to clean

    Hoppes bore solvent, sometimes Kroil depending on situation. Wipe out is the ultimate when I’m serious.
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    Best caller?

    So, If they are hanging up, the caller is to loud? If you guys see one way out, do you turn the volume down?
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    Best caller?

    Lots to learn! Been researching and my next question is, do the little decoys that move around on the caller really help? We had two coyotes hang up about 300 yds just watching the caller, had to wonder if we had one would they have come in…..
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    What’s your fur friendly coyote bullet

    6mm 70gn. Nosler varmagetton at 3000fps has not exited on a coyote and havnt Had a runner yet. my new favorite bullet.
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    Best caller?

    Been shooting coyotes over bait for years. Went out for first time calling with buddy and had a riot! Have everything I need but a caller. Fox pro fusion and shockwave seem to be favorites around here by the guys calling. What do you recommend?
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    .243 bullet recommendation

    Shot the 87 gn. Vmax for years at 3400 FPS out of .243 A.I. And have killed lots of coyotes! I would not call it fur friendly at all! 6-7” exits sometimes. Just recently started using the 70gn. Nosler Varmagetton in my 6DTI AR platform at 3000fps and I can honestly say, it kills quicker than the...
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    6.5 PRC for deer

    My thoughts exactly!
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    WhiteTail Bullet

    Lolol! Always forget to look at dates…. Talking about bullets for deer never gets old.
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    WhiteTail Bullet

    Normally I would recommend my favorite all time deer bullet which is the Sierra 165gn HPBT game king. I am in the process of switching over to the Nosler ABLR. Shot deer with the .284 168gn this year out of the 7mag at 2950fps near and far and they are very impressive. Expansion was great at 400...
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    Anyone using VX-5HD

    couldnt be happier with mine! Mounted on ridgeline 7mag with the cds it’s a great set up! Going to be getting one for my new SML build also…
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    Nosler ablr 7mm 168

    I have some Berger 168 vld hunters. Sent you a PM
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    Trade: Sierra 7mm 160gr GK

    bump it up for you, Thought I was the only one left shooting those Sierra GKHP’s with the horrible BC….. lol! Good luck, have to be a lot out there.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm Rem Mag Brass

    Sent you a PM