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    40 / 42mm objective vs 50mm

    The only advantage I can see of a 50mm objective over 40/42 would be only when using higher magnifications at longer ranges in very low light. Reason being is the lower magnifications will allow more light than the eye can process even with the 40 / 42 mm objectives. So if I am right there is a...
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    Rapid Z 600 reticle

    Just got a new 270 Win, looking to dress it with the new Zeiss 3x15 HD5 w/ a Rapid Z 600 reticle. Anyone use that reticle? How do you like it?
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    12x or 15x binos? 12x Euros on sale now

    My only experience is with 8x binos and see the need for a higher magnification top quality tripod bino, I always wanting to see the details on the next ridge over! The 8x just can't do it. The 12x50 Euros are on sale now at 799, I will be using these in the Southwest US on deer, antelope and...
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    which ammo box

    which ammo boxes will help preserve concentricity of my meticulously hand crafted hunting ammo?
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    Wolves in the AZ Strip

    the enviro con artist are at it again, this time they will hold hostage the AZ Strip mule deer Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project - Wolves Without Boundaries!
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    best full length sizing die 7mm-08

    right now I have the Lee Collet neck die. I realize after while I'll need to FL the case, I'll look at that. I looked all over the Redding website and couldn't find a "body only" die? Do you mean a trim die that is made for a file on top so you can file the necks that are too long? Kraky, any...
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    best full length sizing die 7mm-08

    is there any difference in the FL dies? I would assume they all be the same as far as features and concentricity, I mean all they have to do is size to SAAMI specs am I right or mising something?
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    7mm-08 loads for RL17 or TSX 150 gr

    I have some RL17 and TSX 150gr bullets for my 7mm-08. Anyone have data on any of this?
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    Give Away Contest - Huskemaw Blue Diamond 3-12 Rifle Scope

    Enter Me In The Huskemaw Scope Contest Enter Me In The Huskemaw Scope Contest
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    Absolutely Torn: Savage and Tikka

    Out to 400 yards it's fine on deer size game, probably better calibers for a moose or big elk at that range. I am very happy with my Tikka T3 lite in 7-08, do wish I would have gone with the 6.5 Swede instead, as I think the 6.5 is a slightly more accurate caliber and a little easier to handload...
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    Backpack Rifle Choice???

    yes when I was looking into similar fun I found out about such a rifle, it does exist, if I recall there is an over and under model as well. Check around you might find one on gunbroker. I have heard bad things about the .22LR AR style rifle the one with the floating buttstock. Marlin makes a...
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    Backpack Rifle Choice???

    I was going to build a custom Browing Buckmark pistol with a 7" tacsol barrel and a small 4x scope for such fun. Probably weigh about 2 lbs and shoot out to 75 yards no problem. I never got around to doing it though. The Browning Buckmark rifle is a sweet little rifle as well, weighs in about 4lbs.
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    Leupold Gold Ring Bino's

    Zen Ray customer service is proving to be A+ they will be hand selecting a replacement pair for me, for the money you can't beat their glass, although I wish it had a few more minutes at dusk. But to get those few minutes you gotta pay 2k
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    Leupold Gold Ring Bino's

    Burris makes some good stuff, I have a pair of older el cheapo 8x30 we use al the time they hold up better than the $400.00 Zen Rays! I am pretty sure these old Burris weren't made in China 13 years ago. Funny thing about those el cheapo binos, they are my lucky pair I see more wildlife with...
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    Leupold Gold Ring Bino's

    you can find German and quality Japanes binos for a grand, Docter, Steiner, MInox, Meopta, Fujinon. Watch ebay there are some super deals on last generation German optics. I am on my second pair of the Chinese wonders the Zen Ray, the problem I am finding with the Chinese wonders is the...