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    7-378 Weatherby, Long Range 7mm

    My 6.5-300 Runs 90-91 Grains through a 28". I love the rifle and the round, just hard to maneuver and pack around in the hill and mountains
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    7-378 Weatherby, Long Range 7mm

    Thanks everyone for all the info and insight. But, y’all have made my decision tougher lol. Let me clarify a few things that I didn’t post originally. I would like to build the most ballistically superior 7MM cartridge for long range hunting. one that will Get superior ballistics out of a...
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    28 Nosler / 7 STW Barrel Lengths For Long Range Hunting

    anyone have any first hand experience with these two calibers with a shorter than you probably want barrel? 28" would prolly be ideal for these two calibers. Playing with the idea of a shorter mountain/packing rifle that is lightweight but will still shoot and carry long range ballistics. But, I...
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    7-378 Weatherby, Long Range 7mm

    Prolly so. Prolly just go with 7-300 Roy. Already have the brass for 300 Weatherby, and 6.5-300. But can’t go straight to 6.5 from 300. Shoulders crush. Takes 7-300 dies then 6.5-300 dies. I have the dies and the brass. I just wanted something that would be far and away faster than the 7STW or...
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    7-378 Weatherby, Long Range 7mm

    G Gotcha. I can attest to the softness of their brass. 6.5-300 loaded hot doesn’t keep primer pockets very well. But it will run 143ELDX 3450-3500. Maybe get two firings out of it.
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    7-378 Weatherby, Long Range 7mm

    Seems to be quite a bit of brass out there. I have mostly all the Roys, my favorites being 6.5-300 and 240. I want to stay with Weatherby, just would like to know if anyone has ever chambered it and how they shot if they did.
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    7-378 Weatherby, Long Range 7mm

    Anyone have experience with this round? I noticed PT&G has a reamer, but I couldn’t seem to find any dies. I would think a simple neck down of 30-378 would make this a long range killer of whatever you need it to. I would guess push 180 Grain Berger to prolly 3400 FPS or better. If you could get...
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    Carbon Six Barrel Review

    I’m wanting to build a 7-300 Weatherby. I have bartlein on the rest of my rifles
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    New Meopta Optika 6 Riflescope

    3-18 Optika 6 with BDC dicro. Dialed come up for 815, killed a deer. Like it better than my ATACR
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    Weatherby 6.5 RPM?

    I built a 6.5-300 Roy on Rem 700, bartlein barrel.1/2” rifle at 200, 3” group at 1000.143 ELDX at 3500 FPS. I don’t know why anyone would want anything else for a hunting rifle caliber.
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    Carbon Six Barrel Review

    Anyone have any updates on Carbon 6 barrels?
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    Mule Deer and Or Elk Trade

    Looking to trade for a Mule Deer and or Elk hunts. Can trade trophy whitetail, turkey, hog, dove. Or, a custom rifle with optics. 1000 yard Rifle with load development and ready to go.
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    Best Tripod Shooting System for Magnum Calibers

    Hello to all: I'm looking for a tripod shooting system that will withstand magnum calibers. This tripod system will be used for western hunting as well as hunting out of a high rack. I have looked at the BOG Deathgrip, Hog Saddle, Caldwell Field pods etc. Will the clamp style mounts give you...
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    Weatherby's New 6.5 RPM Any body have any thoughts on this new cartridge for hunting or just in general? Pros, cons, comparisons. I believe it is a long action, so I think ill just stay with...
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    First Elk Hunt - bullet of choice for 6.5 PRC

    What do you mean by opening up? opening the ends of the Bergers? I shoot a 6.5-300 WBY. IT shoots 140 bergers and 143ELDX, 147M well. Just got a box of 156 EOL in. Loaded some up the other day. 3400 FPS, but didnt get to group it. was 95 degrees and barrel got hot quick

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