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    300 win mag or 300 rum?

    Thanks guys for your excellent input!Im going with the 300 win mag.Its nice being able to retrieve time tested shooting experienced answers from old shooting sages.LOL Thanks again.
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    New reloader

    Thanks Ian for the usefull information!Oh by the way,is it true that Sask now holds the world record for whitetails?Just heard from a guy last night.Dont know if its a rumor or not.It wouldnt suprise though,with Sask being the largest producer of B&C whitetails!Thanks again.
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    New reloader

    What make and model of reloading equipment do you guys recomend.And do you recomend a electronic powder measure over the plane scale type?Thanks
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    300 win mag or 300 rum?

    I was wondering of the two ,which cartridge would you guys choose?This will probably sound stupid but does the 300 rum have the same accuracy ability as the 300 win mag?Thanks for any input.
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    40mm or 50mm?

    I was was about to purchase a 6.5-20 vari-x3 scope and was wondering if anyone can tell me if their are any noticeable advantages of having a 50mm objective over the 40mm, weight is not a problem.Any suggestions on your personal experiences would be greatly appreciated.Thanks
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    trouble finding parts

    Thanks for the offer Darryl,no offense but I can buy a brand new M700 Bdl 300 RUM for about $520.00 through Jerrys sports center at wholesale.I was also told that it had to be a 300 RUM action anything under, 300 win mag etc..would not work.But I appreciate the offer.I wish I could find just an...
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    trouble finding parts

    Im currently in the process of building my long range hunting rifle and am running into some dificulty finding a action.Do any of you gentlemen know of any large wholesale outfits that might cater to someone with a FFL? Im trying to find a Model 700 bdl action or barreled action for a 300...
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    Thanks Gentlemen for your input .I decided to go with the 300 RUM.My next question however,Im going to use a Hart barrel paired up with the M 700 action I have the Stock already and a Timney trigger kit.I dont have the 700 action yet though.Any suggestions on where I could get a brand new one...
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    Need help choosing!!

    Hello all,Im having a problem deciding which of these two cartridges to pick from ,Im hell bent on one or the other.This gun of mine I want to be pretty much the only one gun that ill ever need for all of north America they are the 300 RUM or the 338 RUM I was wondering which of these two...

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