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    NightForce DIGILLUM illumation ?

    Is the DIGILLUM illumation daylight visible in bright sunlight? Thanks, Keith Akers
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    Nightforce B.E.A.S.T Scope Review

    Is the new illumation visible on a bright sunny day. The target could be in a dark shady spot .
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    34mm mount with 30mm scope ?

    It works great . I'm glad or that would have been a costly mistake, Keith
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    Desert Tech scope ring screw ?

    I'm on vacation just my luck. They are .111 in diameter
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    Desert Tech scope ring screw ?

    Where can I get screws for the scope rings on the Desert Tech scope mount ? Anybody no what size they are ? It's the one that uses 12 screws total, Thanks, Keith
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    34mm mount with 30mm scope ?

    Is there any accuracy loss. It will be the Desert Tech mount with 30mm inserts, is recoil a factor it's for the 338 L,M Thanks, Keith
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    Exbal version 9.6 ?

    Your sight in conditions are set but how do you use different conditions for the hunt in the program ? Can you do that without having to re chronograph the ammo at the hunt location ? Thanks,Keith
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    700 extractor replacement

    Will it change the head space, Thanks,Keith
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    Forming 300 AAC Blackout Brass

    If you don't heat treat the neck does the brass last ? If they are home made casses ? Thanks,Keith
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    $500 budget scope

    I would say a 20 MOA rail by EGW and a Weaver 2-10. I have never used the 2-10 but have used the 4-16 and the clicks are right on time and time again, Thanks,Keith
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    6.5 Grendel AR

    The cost of brass sent me to the 6.8 now the 6.8 is crazy hight but still cheaper than the 6.5, Thanks,Keith
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    vihtavuori n500 series powders

    Anybody have any luck getting VV 500 series to burn there barrels out ? How about N560 ? Thanks,Keith
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    What is your most consistently accurate caliber?

    The 222 held the Bench Rest record at one time, Thanks,Keith
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    Looking for Load Data .300 WinMag

    His hates IMR 4350 with copper bullets. I hope it is just a copper bullet problem. We are looking for an ELK load with a copper 165 to 180 load. I hope the IMR 4831 is it. We have to try it at longer ranges now, Thanks,Keith