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    What do you do with the Carcass?

    kstrick You are right, the creek is not a good idea. I should ask where to discard of the carcass as stated by blipelt. And if there is no where recommended then I should make a suggestion of some where far away from the hunting and grazing areas. I hunt just south of Selma and around the...
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    What do you do with the Carcass?

    I guess I should drag them off and dump them in the creek to keep the smell away from my hunting area.
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    What do you do with the Carcass?

    Quick Question, This year will be my first try at coyote hunting. I have no need for the hide but I wanted to know what do must of you do with the carass after you shoot one, bury it, leave it, ...? Here in Alabama on land where we hunt whitetail I have been seeing increasing signs of coyotes...
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    Expected accuracy from 458

    Stormrider, No offense taken but your reason is pretty much the same reason I plan on using it for deer and boar when I get the opportunity. I originally want a bolt action 45-70 but the 458 was easier to do. With the 458 I used the same boltface as a 7mm rem or 300 win mag and didn't have to...
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    Expected accuracy from 458

    Thanks for the reply. I don't plan on shooting pass 200 - 250 yards MAX while hunting Whitetail and the occasional boar. I want to be able to reliably place the bullet in the vitals at this range. The recoil isn't so bad. I have it in a Boyd stock with about 2.5 - 3 pounds of lead in the...
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    Expected accuracy from 458

    I know this is not a long rang cartridge but I am trying to put together a good load for my 458 Win Mag. it is built on a savage action with a Douglas barrel (27"). I want to make sure that I am trying for realistic results. I am using 350grn hornady round nose, Winchester cases...
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    Scope base choice 0 or 20 MOA

    Thanks for the advice on using the inserts. I did order the Burris Z rings along with the base which should be here today. So what you are saying is that I can use the 5 offes inserts on the front (muzzle side) and put 10 or 20 inserts on the rear (butt side) and get the same results as using a...
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    Scope base choice 0 or 20 MOA

    I just picked up a Nikon Buckmaster 4.5x14-40mm scope that I am putting on my 308 and was hoping for advice on the the scope base. I ordered a ferral base with 0 MOA yesterday and wasn't sure if this would work for a shooting distance of 500 yds or so. How for can I expect to shoot before...
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    Go / No go gauge???

    I built a 458 win mag on a Savage action and used a case to set up the headspace off the belt. I inserted the case with the barrel loose and then closed the bolt. I then tighten the barrel by hand until it came to a stop and wouldn't turn any more unless I applied more force. Next I locked the...
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    308 in Long action....

    Thanks, I will be getting me a long action savage in a couple of days since it has been confirmed that the 308 will work in the long action. This opens up so many more option for a later date. Thanks for the replies.
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    308 in Long action....

    I am building another rig based on a savage/steven action and have found a long action savage. My question is will a 308 work in the long action with out problems? Problems such as cycling from the magazine or poping out? Thanks in advance, KBB
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB a Savage short action

    I am gathering all of the parts for my next build and I need a Savage short action with a bolt face that fit the 308 win. I am looking for the action that has the staggered Magazine not the new center feed.
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    7mm STW

    Where do I find a Joel Russo stock for savage. I can't seem to find a website. Thanks in advance
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    another Savage

    Great Job!!! Is it still a 308? looking at the picture it appears to be a long action. What are your thoughts about the SS scope? I heard they were goning to make a variable scope this year.
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    Opinions & Suggestions on New firearm?

    I haven't shot it in the field yet. I have only punched paper with it so far. I must say for the amount I like to shoot I am glad it weighs a ton. Sitting at the bench I can only take about 15 rounds. If I am standing I can go through 20 to 25 rounds while shooting the 223 between groups. Below...

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