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    Small rifle primer negatives for 6mm Creed

    I think that you have hit one of the major benefits of the 6 creed, you can have both. Use the srp for range use and shooting bug holes, and safe the lrp for hunting if you are nervous about it. I have never had a problem with ignition because I just started loading for 6 creed, but I’ll throw...
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    Bullet Puller?

    I have a grip n pull and to be honest I hate it. I end up damaging bullets more often than not with it. If you have any neck tension it will slip on the bullet and gouge the heck out of it. I use an inertial more than anything.
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    Bix’n Andy Tacsport Pro 2 stage left hand

    Price drop to 230.00 shipped.
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    Saw for cutting down brass??

    I have used the mini chop saw for cutting down .223 brass for .300 blk. It is definitely worth it for doing brass in bulk.
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    Bix’n Andy Tacsport Pro 2 stage left hand

    New in the package Bixn Andy tac sport pro. It comes with a low sear installed and a medium is included. This trigger feels incredible, but unfortunately it doesn’t get along with my particular TL3. 275.00 shipped to your door.
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    7.62x39 bolt and single shot rifle recommendations.

    Another vote for the cz. The ruger American wouldn’t be a bad option either, but the cz mini Mauser action is so classy!
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    Prefit Barrels

    I am sure the quality of work from PVA is top notch, but after my experience with ordering a John Hancock rifle i will not be using them going forward. After two years of either empty promises or crickets I finally got my refund back. It’s unfortunate, I was really looking forward to that rifle.
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    Reloading 9mm

    Just use range brass. My match load for 9mm is a 135 grain bayou over 3.4 grains of titegroup with federal primers. Depending on the volume you shoot a progressive will definitely come into play, I think I made it through 2k on a rock chucker before getting a Dillon 650 and I’m well over 10k on...
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    Possible to DIY build a precision rifle?

    I am in the process of building my first off of a bighorn TL3, just waiting for the barrel to come in and I’ll let you know how it goes. There are so many good options right now that unless you have a Remington action you are really attached to, it’s cheaper to get a bighorn origin or similar...
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    Input on stretching distance on 223 16.25in with 9 twist barrel

    Never shot it through a chrono, but I had a savage 10 flcp-k in .223 that loved 69 SMK’s over 25 of varget. That would be a fun round to play with at 500-600 yards.
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    Do I need a 17HMR for badger and rabbits?

    Do you reload? If so, try putting together Your choice of light varmint bullet over some trail boss in the .223 and see where poa is for you. Hopefully it’s just elevation to worry about, and you can figure for that. Throw a match saver on the side for full power .223 loads for song dogs and...
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    Long range backpack rifle

    If you find a savage ultralight action in a stock that you like don’t worry about the caliber, you can get a barrel in a caliber of your choosing for 400 bucks and swap it to whatever you want. If you bump up the budged you could get a carbon fiber prefit.
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    What Grain is suitable for 1/15 twist if 308

    Although I’ve never pushed them as hard as you would out of a .308, I have shot several thousand Speer 125 tnt’s out of a .300 blk and I am always impressed with the accuracy. I would be curious to see what a Barnes 110gr black tip would do out of that barrel.
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    .270 wsm bundle

    Everything is sold.
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    .270 wsm bundle

    Everything but brass is gone. Brass is 60 bucks shipped to your door.