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    Ricochet Sound

    Per professor Google this is the correct answer😁
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    Moa to metric

    Have an opportunity to purchase a hi end scope. However it's metric one click equals .5 cm at 100 meters. does anybody use the metric scope and how hard of a Time did you have using metric when you used MOA your whole life?
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    Brake to supressor accuracy

    First, Saturday I'm buying my first supressor griffin ultra for 338. Once my dealer recieves the supressor can he give me the brake until ATF work is done so I can start work on the gun. And if I can, once I get a load that shoots well will it still shoot well when the supressor is added. Not...
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    338 supressors

    Do cans threaded over a brake get better recoil reduction because of the brake vs. A direct thread to barrel can?
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    338 supressors

    OK based on my previous thread looks like the action on my build will be the terminus kratos x now I'm needing help with a big bore supressor. Never used one so looking for opinions on 1) supress or brake 2) supressor threaded on brake 3) opinions on which supressor for 338 L on 31" Hart barrel...
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    338l oal

    Building a 338 Lapua looking at the terminus Kratos x action which will be able to accommodate a 4in round. Is this long enough for a 300 grain led core bullet seated shallow to maximize case capacity for the 338 l
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    338 builds (lapua/edge/or the like) lets see them.

    That's a sweet piece! So all my guns have Nick names and this would definitely be called the ghost.
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    Terminus actions

    Thanks for the input it is pushing me towards the terminus and they are local😁
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    Terminus actions

    OK, please tell me where I can get a 4" mag! Been looking forever didn't think they existed.
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    Terminus actions

    Any one here have any experience with terminus actions? Doing a 338L build and trying to decide on an action.
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    338 lapua build

    How far off the lands are you seating?
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    338 lapua build

    building a 338 Lapua and would like it to be mag fed. from what I am reading you cant feed 300 grain pills through a mag due to length. If this is the case how small do you have to go to be able to use a mag, 285gn., 250gn? would really like to use 300's but don't want to lose the case capacity...
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    Zeiss vs. leica

    It pains me to post this as I am a huge Zeiss fan with a lot of there products. I finally was able to talk myself into buying the Victory 10x45 lrf because of a great deal at I was like a kid on Christmas on my way to a hunting spot to try them out. My first impression was the...
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    Zeiss bino lrf

    Anyone use them (any model) and if so whats your feedback?
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    Best relosding manual

    If you had to buy just one currently available reloading manual which would it be?