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    long range build

    When I decided to build a lightweight I knew I wanted a commonly available caliber in case it went on an out of state hunt and my ammo didn't make it for any reason. Since 7RM can be had at pretty much any backwater bait shop in the world I went that route. Build looks like this: Savage Long...
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    berger hunting/target bullets

    The only difference I have seen with the ones I tried (7mm 180gr) is that at 500 yards the target bullet puts a deeper crater in my steel plate. Leads me to believe that the .005" jacket thickness makes it a significantly tougher bullet.
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    Help me decide which stock for my Savage

    I have tried a bunch of them, though all for slightly different purposes. For overall quality I would go with Manners, but there is nothing wrong with the McMillans at all. Stockade builds a good stock too and the price is more than fair for their build quality. I wouldn't put it in league...
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    Your Gun

    Nothing fancy in that pic, Cannon Rebel XSi, 18-55mm Cannon lens. I forget aperture, speed, and exposure settings for those pics because I just wanted something quick.
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    7mm r-m 140g TTSX

    The TTSX is plenty tough, if the 140s are shooting sub half-minute then I think i would be done looking for another bullet. Start stretching its legs some and see how it does at distance.
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    Nosler Custom Brass ?

    I think I remember reading somewhere that Nosler contracts out their brass to different companies depending on caliber. I think Norma makes some but not all of it. I have used Nosler brass in .204Ruger and 270Win. with good results. The 270 has not been around long enough to tell anything...
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    Your Gun

    Ill play: Savage DBM action-T&T by SSS SSS trigger Brux #5 barrel, 9 twist, 7-300WSM Manners MCS-TA stock Leupold Mk4 4.5-14x50 Farrel Rings and Base I did the assembly, Duracoat, and Bedding myself.
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    7mm Hunting Bullets - a little advice please

    I tend to think that the minimum requirement for a good hunting bullet is that it quickly kills the game. A good blood trail is not nearly as ideal as a DRT animal. I myself have never had an animal run more than a few yards when hit with a Berger. So there have been some reports of Berger...
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    Longest Range Elk Kill?

    Wow, There cant be more than maybe a large handful of people in the world capable of near 3000 yard shots like this in field conditions. I mean honestly capable, not did it once, lucky as heck shots...very impressive.
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    Another thread gave me the guts to post this

    I know what you mean about the bumper stickers. My wife is no fan pf his, but she still gets irritated when I openly contemplate the possibility of removing an Obama bumper sticker with my front bumper at highway speeds...:D
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    7mm Hunting Bullets - a little advice please

    I ordinarily would not call a liver only hit deer that ran a half mile or even much more and died poor bullet performance...Not a recipe for a quick kill by any means. Did the bullets pencil on through or did they come apart as Bergers are supposed to? Now your nephews doe, if a Berger did...
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    7mm Hunting Bullets - a little advice please

    I would be too, Berger VLDs are the only bullet I have ever had uniformly good performance from.
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    Customer service

    Always good to hear about a company that does things right. It seem customer service is headed 2 different directions these days. There are companies that emphasize it and go out of their way to see to their customers needs. Then there are the others who seem to find new and different ways to...
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    Manners Lead Time

    I received an MCS-TA a couple of weeks ago, it was promised as 14-16 weeks and took about 20. I was irritated at the extra delay, but to be honest the stock is so nice I quickly forgot about it. Pics, because pics are always good.
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    Laminated gun stocks

    I have had 3 Boyds laminates and have been very pleased with the quality vs price. If you want a really top notch stock I would go with one from Joel Russo though. Stockys is good to go for a retailer too, if they have it in stock you will have it in hand in short order.