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    Shoulder shots

    We don't need to shoot it, this old horse has been beat to death many times over. You pick the best spot according to the conditions you have.
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    Is a 9lb rifle too heavy? Opinions?

    The new trend is ultralight rifles. I like heavy barrelled stought rifles, not pencil barrelled ones. It's easier, cheaper & better for the shooter to lose 5#.
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    Is a 9lb rifle too heavy? Opinions?

    Only if your a 9 year old girl.
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    We (or should I saw the ammo & gun makers) need about20 more 6.5s. I have 6.5 x55, 6.5 creedmoor, 6.5-300 weatherby. Small, medium & large.
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    How High do bullets go in their flight trajectory

    I shoot golf balls on cord & 1.5" high steel eggs with 22lr subsonic at 300 yards for practice & the bullet goes 12' high.
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    Flattest of the bunch....

    6.5-300 Weatherby is the Best & Fastest, ammo has deopped to mid $40 foe real Weatherby 140s & I paid $459 OTD for an SI exclusivewith a fluted theaded barrel. I know it's made by Howa but have had great luck with Howa for years.
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    Fastest 6.5 w/ 1k rnd barrel life?

    Prove to me my new Weatherby 6.5-300 won't go 1000+. Forget the rest & buy the BEST! Weatherby factory ammo just fropped to 1/2 price, mid $40 for the 140s.
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    Is a 9lb rifle too heavy? Opinions?

    No! IMHO This new featherlight fifle thing is a fad unless you're a kid, women, have a physical ailment like I do or are a girlie man.
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    Maine Black Bear Hunt!!!!

    I use starline brass, 405gr hard cast.I load 50 gr. of Varget into the shell and tapped the shell a bit to level and settle the powder. I then used my caliper to measure from the top of the shell to the top of the powder. Next I took this measurement to my lead bullet, I found from that the...
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    Maine Black Bear Hunt!!!!

    The 1st one you shoot you'll swear weighs 600# rill you find it. Harder to judge the weight of a bear as you can a deer.
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    Maine Black Bear Hunt!!!!

    Try the 454 Raging Bull at 2000 fps & over 2000 ft pds of energy. here's a 20 year old Gun Test written by pro gun testers. The good thing is it shoots mild 45LC, Hot 45LC close to 44 mags & 454 Casull. There's a debate on the most...
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    Maine Black Bear Hunt!!!!

    Nothinging funner that sticking one with an arrow just at dark & climbing out of the tree in the dark & hiking back to camp. When they know you're there they lay out of sight close & smap their teeth wanting you to leave. We normally ran gogs at dawn with a friend, rebaiting our stands at the...
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    Maine Black Bear Hunt!!!!

    I've killed a lot of bear in Western UP of Michigan & Savage 12BVSS nailed it. Short range, low light, most will make you work hard to retrieve them. I used a 45/70 Contender handgun for years then a 450 Marlin in a BFR & a Marlin guide gun using heavy hard cast to break 'em down. I seldom heard...
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    Weatherby 6.5 RPM?

    Just picked up the Weatherby 6.5-300 Accuguard fluted/theaded & love it! Very smooth & you can feel the quality. How can you buy a rifle this nice for under $500? I couldn't be happier.