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    Building on a tikka

    He recommended 3 groove for my application. I am glad I listened to him. It is very accurate.
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    Building on a tikka

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    Building on a tikka

    It was cheaper than the price of a new barrel blank.
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    Building on a tikka

    I sent a Tikka t3 06 to JES about 5 or 6 years ago. He bored it out, it is now a 35 whelen. He did an excellent job. This rifle is very accurate. I have never shot a bad group with it. Usually cloverleaf 3 shots.I would recommend him and definitely would use him again myself. He is very...
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    What factory rifle?

    Can you expand on what kind of issues with the ridge line barrels people are having.
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    My Son-in-laws Christmas Present

    You are a Class Act pburton.Very thoughtful. He will be very excited.
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    E R Shaw Barrel Kits Review

    Any more info on Shaw barrels?
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    Looking for some input and ideas for daughters first rifle.

    My dad bought new Remington 700s in 308 for his boys and his grandchildren when they turned 12. He passed away in 2011. Since then my Mother has carried on the tradition. Except I had the first two girls in the family. Mom decided on Remington model 7s for the girls in 7mm-08. They have...
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    New Glass

    I vote for the Leupold. Classier scope than the Vortex in my opinion. Would top off your Weatherby nicely.
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    Berger 210 30cal target

    Sent you a P.M
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    Berger 210 30cal target

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    Reloading Room Mess

    I just thought they were kinda neat to display. Wasn’t to neat cleaning up the mess though!
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    Reloading Room Mess

    I was doing some spring cleaning in my favorite room of the house yesterday. I was making very good progress until I moved an old container of powder I had on my top Shelf. These old cans are just for decoration but still full. When I move this one to dust around it my thumb went right through...
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    270 berger

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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome. I hope you enjoy the info one can gather here. Top Shelf!

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