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    Hawkins Oberndorf BDL Bottom Metal and Remington Spring

    I assume you figured this out by now but it should work fine! If not, it's only $8 to get a new spring.
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    Bighorn Origin question... etc...

    Where did you end up on this .300 Dakota? I'm wrestling between a Kelbly Atlas and the Bighorn/Zermatt Origin action for a .300 Win Mag build that I can also use for .280 AI. I want to roll my own barrels too and both have shouldered pre-fit options. What I'm learning so far is this: Origin...
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    Bighorn Origin - Wyatt’s extended mag box

    I stumbled into this thread late but glad to see you found someone to make this work. I'm still trying to decide between the Bighorn Origin and the Kelbly Atlas for my .300 win mag build. I'll mostly be shooting 180s but having the ability to run heavy bullets for bigger game like moose or...
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    Women’s rifle and cartridge suggestion

    I would definitely go for the 7mm-08. It's what I got for my wife and daughter. I love the .280 AI and almost always go to it myself but since I have two already, 7mm-08 was the clear choice if recoil is one of your primary factors. Ammo choice, selection, and availability is the only reason to...
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    What would you do?

    If you really want a versatile hunting cartridge that could take you into an elk hunt if you decide but not be too much gun for the other critters and ringing gongs at the range, I'm a HUGE fan of the .280 Ackley Improved. With a little tuning on stock fitment/bedding, I've been getting 1/4-1/2"...
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    Ultimate Sheep Rifle Build

    You're probably not monitoring this thread any longer but if you are, I'd love to know how did your cerakote and stock painting. I have a Montana that I'd like to do a similar paint job on but you need to find someone good using quality stuff so it doesn't rub off with handing, hunting and time...