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    Remington 9 1/2 magnum primers

    This is a very good article as I'm not sure everyone is aware that the Remington 9 1/2M and Remington 9 1/2 are different primers.
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    Where are the 220 Swift gone?

    I've also been a fan of the .220 Swift for years. I had an old Rem 700 in .22-250 (bought it new when I was a kid) with a bad barrel and had it re-barreled in .22-250AI about a year ago. In my opinion, this chambering is just as interesting as the Swift and I've had a blast working up loads...
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    How Often Do You Hunt Big Game Out Of State?

    I'll be chasing whitetails in Idaho a week from tomorrow. My youngest son (28) will join me this year, don't know if he can keep up with the ol' man. My wife will be along visiting family (we both grew up there) and my 7mm RUM and .22-250AI will be along for the ride.
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    Considering build, thoughts on components?

    I've experienced the opposite. I've had two custom rifles done recently built on Rem 700 actions. The first is a .22-250AI using a Douglas Premium barrel. It shoots fairly well but copper fouls terribly. The second is a 7MM RUM with a 26" SS fluted Hart barrel. The Hart barrel fouling is...
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    Do you plan to buy a new custom rifle?

    Yes you do. You just don't realize it yet. lightbulb
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    375H&H MAGNUM Recoil?

    Take J E Custom's advice, it is very good advice in my opinion. I can shoot my .338 Win Mag and my 7mm RUM all afternoon and have a great time. I've shot several 375 H&H Magnums and they just flat give me a headache and make my eyes hurt. They are very popular here in Alaska but the first...
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    Accuracy of a hot barrel?

    I have fluted barrels and I'm not an IDIOT. At least I don't think I am. :D
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    7mm ultra mag loads with berger 168's

    85 grains of RE25 seems to work well for me. I've copied and pasted the info provided from Berger. 7mm Remington Ultra Mag (COAL - 3.600"; Barrel Length - 26") Bullet Powder Start Load Approximate Start Velocity Max Load Approximate Max Velocity Fill Ratio 168 Grain RETUMBO...
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    Sad day today 21 years ago

    Same question here, please elaborate.
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    Re-barreled 7mm RUM Accuracy

    Thanks for the help guys. After reading your comments, I'll definitely test this load more before giving up on it. I have a ton of .284 bullets so I wasn't too concerned about the groups I was seeing. But wow, if this load continues to group as well as the last two, it will be a keeper. J...
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    Re-barreled 7mm RUM Accuracy

    I just got my re-barreled 7 RUM back from Hart. Since I had 30 rounds of loaded ammo I was using with the original barrel I took it to the range today to burn up. The load is 85 gr. of RL25 behind a 168 gr. VLD. I shot ten, three shot groups. The groups didn't impress me, running around 1...
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    Free Floating Barrel

    Thanks guys. It passes the dollar bill test so I guess the sticky note is a little thicker. Is the dollar bill test adequate? Do I need to worry about removing too much?
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    Free Floating Barrel

    I just got my Remington 700, 7mm RUM barreled action back from Hart, put it in the HS stock and torqued the action screws. This barrel has a slightly different contour than the original. I used a sticky note to check clearance between the barrel and the channel in the stock. It seems I have...
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    Wow, no one been to Alaska

    JMHO, but you'll be fine with the 300 RUM.
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    Which barrel??

    My 7mm RUM is at Hart getting basically the same thing done, 26" stainless fluted, factory contour. I should see it sometime in August. I talked with the folks at Lilja and they wouldn't flute a barrel in factory contour. I would have had to go with a heavier barrel. Anyway, the folks at...

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