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  1. DonnaCam wife cant see consistently through th scope.

    Congratulations! To you both! Hope your wife gained some confidence and that she can know find a rifle that works for her. I will have to re-sight my rifle because my husband used it for his hunt and now it is way off for me...sigh. Never enough guns...
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    Bought a .270 Today

    Have a Howa 1500 in .270. Shoot Barnes TTSX 130gr. Shot antelope and deer at 350-450 yds all day long. Elk up to 300. Love my .270.
  3. DonnaCam wife cant see consistently through th scope.

    I am so sorry for the both of you. Just went through this frustration with my husband...sighting in my gun for him for his upcoming deer hunt (stock Howa 1500/Zeiss Conquest 4-14x50). Had to adjust scope way different for him as in four or five clicks at 200 yds (he is not a hunter except once...
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    What’s happening to LRH?

    I cannot say how much I appreciate this forum. I have been hanging around about 10 years. As a self taught, older female hunter, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this forum. I got great advice when looking for my first rifle, my first serious rifle scope, my rangefinder, my hunting...
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    Mtn ops vs wilderness athlete

    Did the WA 28 day challenge. Lost some weight-but because I was eating differently. I think the feel good comes from eating right, excercising, hydrating, and the extra caffeine in the “Energy and Focus.” I could not tolerate the E&F because it would keep me awake at night. I agree it is...
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    Skunked in Wyoming!

    I hunt just north of Wheatland up the road from Chugwater. I took two new hunters because I always tag out. There were four of us hunting hard. We saw very few antelope and only had two shot opportunities. It was the worst I have ever seen. Saw plenty of deer, but no antelope, even on...
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    CO Unit 21 Sheep

    Unfortunately, not a member of Rokslide and if I joined to ask a question like I just asked, well, it wouldn't be pretty.
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    CO Unit 21 Sheep

    I have drawn a sheep ewe tag for the west side of Unit 21, basically Sneffels Wilderness. I scouted up in Yanke Boy Basin and drew a blank. I also scouted north side of Whitehouse. I talked to the division wildlife officer, and then to the biologist. One said east Sneffels wilderness, one...
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    WY late cow elk next year

    Yes, those migrations are hit or miss. I caught some migrating in 3rd and 4th season here in Colorado, and I have to say it was a blast running around BLM land hunting them like giant antelope. When I got one in my scope, I am ashamed to say, I got the jitters and blew my shot at 300 yds, and...
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    WY late cow elk next year

    I need some unit advice for next year. My daughter and I took up elk hunting together her sophomore year in high school. We were unable to be successful together before she went off to the United States Naval Academy. She really wants to get an elk with her momma before she gets shipped off...
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    Elk hunting colorado clothing gear.

    The start out cold advice is good. If you don't, you will be sweating in nothing flat. I don't like hot feet. I wear 400 gram boots all through hunting season. Light socks early, and as it gets colder, I go to heavier wool socks and if need be, I use the hot hands heated insoles in my boots...
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    Colorado Rios

    They were probably out elk hunting! :D I hunted Merriams this fall for the first time because they were everywhere when I was scouting for elk. Plan on continuing hunting those mountain bird! Hope you get some help. Don't know about Rios.
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    Colorado Questions

    I have one thing to say: Go Navy, Beat Army! My daughter is a Youngster at USNA - could not resist! Hopefully you put in for tags several months ago? Antelope hunting is so tough that I don't bother trying to hunt here in CO. I just keep saving up points here in CO for my dream antelope...
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    OK, so I violated common knowledge

    Aw now, fellas, girls don't need muzzlebreaks and such to shoot a 270! My little tiny daughter who weighed about 95lbs at the time and was all of 5'1 took her first few antelope with a 30.06. Since then, we got her a Tikka T3 Lite because her hand me down 30.06 weighed so much. She shoots...
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    Ruger 22/45 Lite trigger

    Can anyone tell me about trigger kits for the Ruger 22/45 lite? I read somewhere that you didn't actually need a whole trigger kit, but just some parts, but $30 bucks, or $100, the trigger has to be improved! I have a red dot on it, and intend for it to be my pine squirrel slayer so I can take...