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    Oversized Duffle recommendation, please.

    Too late, but for anyone that’s looking for the same I suggest Watershed. Tough, waterPROOF, made in USA.
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    Ruger Zytel 270 Win $800 TYD

    Oh man... when cold feet backfires!!
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    This ain't a Coyote!

    Definitely not a coyote..
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    Recent grizzly attacks on Montana elk hunters

    Really like that holster. Any details? Thanks
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    Help- I’m squeamish

    Wow... lots of great advice. I’ve enjoyed reading through all the responses and thanks to everyone for your insight. I’ll be tagging along this fall for a few hunts and will have plenty of help when I get out for my own first hunt. I’ll be in good hands as there’s only a few of us that don’t...
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    Help- I’m squeamish

    Again... many thanks everyone. I’ll tag along with a friend and shadow him before I go out on my own. Funny thing is as a youngster I had no issues cleaning the many fish caught with my grandparents and the family always gathered after a successful hunt.
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    Help- I’m squeamish

    Thanks for all the quick replies.
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    Help- I’m squeamish

    Elk is the only wild meat I like and I’ve been here in swco for 20 years. Also kind of a bucket list thing. Not a fan of venison.
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    Help- I’m squeamish

    Hello all, long time shooter and fisherman (catch and release). I would love to start hunting elk, but I’m not too keen with blood and guts. Sad, but true. Several buddies have offered to help me clean it, but I kinda feel if I shoot it I should process it. Anybody else ever had a problem...
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    Waterproof gun bag and ammo bag

    I second the Watershed bags. Waterproof and made in the states.
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    School me on weatherbies

    A guy I work with wants to sell me his lady friends 300 Weatherby MKV from the ‘88-‘92 lineup cheaper than what I’ve seen online. Don’t really need something like this but maybe a good one to have?I’m down in swco and usually shoot a .308.
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    Anyone Tried a Tipi style tent with ultralight stove?

    I doubt you’ll want a quilt in the winter. You’re going to want warmth. Choose a warm bag and if you use it in the shoulder seasons you can unzip it and use it like a quilt. Condensation will be your biggest enemy in the winter. I always used a warm Gore down bag back in the day and it was fine...
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    Anyone Tried a Tipi style tent with ultralight stove?

    They’re great at the end of a long cold day. I would also suggest spending some money on a really nice sleeping bag. The little stoves demand a lot of attention through out the night to keep burning. A nice bag will let you sleep comfortably when the fire goes out.
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    New Sleeping Bag

    I have the Western Mountaineering Ponderosa and I love it. Run it year round. Unzip it and you have a quilt for the summer . If you’re flying in and concerned with weight I’d suggest down and maybe a lighter Western Mountaineering bag. There’s also an outfit in California that specializes in...
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    Hello from SW Colorado

    Stumbled onto this site looking for my first long range low recoiling rifle. Looking forward to all that is available here. Thanks in advance for answering all my dumb questions. Happy shooting.