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    iPhone app

    Gaia GPS is my favorite as far as free apps that will do what you want. I'm using On X Hunt now, but that is mostly to get the public/private boundaries. -David
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    Need a bomb proof set of rings for picatinny rail

    I'll put in a vote for the Nightforce 6-screw rings. They are the best I've used so far.
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    Tell me something..

    I prefer a low capacity magazine like on my Cooper. It holds a few rounds of 300WM and I can have a 2nd one in my pocket, rather than loose ammo. That being said, I put in a BDL hinged floor plate in my light weight 7mmRM to save a few ounces.
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    New Safe Needed, Any Advice?

    I would suggest looking up youtube videos to see how easy it is to break into whatever you pick. That led me to a Superior safe with plate steel on the door, making it harder to insert a crow bar and bend.
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    What hunting pack is better and why?

    I have a Kifaru (tactical frame+Reckoning pack) and a Kuiu Ultra 6000 (1st gen). The Kuiu is the squeakiest thing I've even heard. The slightest movement results in noise. The frame flexes a lot being so thin and it does not carry weight nearly as well as the Kifaru. I bought the Kifaru...
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    2017 Montana elk

    Thanks for sharing your story!
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    What are your cold weather boots?

    Kennetrek Mountain Extreme 400 for me. I adjust the sock layers to make them warmer. They've been warmer than cheap 800-1000 gram boots, and much more comfortable.
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    iPhone app

    Gaia GPS might do what you want. You can download the layers to use offline. You can mark your path in and out.
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    What you don't like about the NXS and VX6 scopes

    You might want to consider the Zeiss Conquest V6. Based on my initial impressions of it, it is very comparable to your other options. -David (also left handed)
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    Go west young man...

    I'm also a Pittsburgher (Cranberry) looking to move out west when my daughter is done with HS (~5 years). I currently telecommute in the IT field, so I just need a good Internet connection. I'm currently leaning towards Bozeman, MT area since it has a little bit of everything I want--mountains...
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    New from PA

    Welcome from Cranberry Twp!
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    Which top end binocular?

    I love my Swaro EL binos. When I was looking at the options, I went to a Cabelas and looked up into the beams in the shadows as far across the store as I could. The Swaro ELs were the only ones I could clearly see the markings on the bolts from tightening. The SLCs were next in clarity, and...
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    Spotting your own hits

    I would definitely NOT RECOMMEND a radial brake like the Vias, especially if shooting prone in a dusty area. It might be good for relatively even recoil reduction, but if it kicks up a cloud of dust, you won't see your impact. I use the Muscle Brake on my 300WinMag and I have a Hellfire brake...
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    215 Berger Speed

    I believe Berger recommends 1,800fps for expansion for most of their bullets. If you are getting 2750fps, that gives you an effective range to ~850 yards. As others have mentioned, accuracy is more important than velocity. Personally, I am getting 2865fps from 76.8 grains of H1000 with hBN...
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    If you could pick only one cartridge for all NA game except the big bears...

    300WM for me. 1. Can be loaded with light bullets and lower pressures with H4895 for varmints. 2. The Berger 215 Hybrid's are devastating on large game with more than enough energy if stretching out to long range. 3. Availability of factory ammo just about anywhere. 4. Manageable recoil...