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    ??? Burris Euro Diamond & IOR Valdada Scopes

    I have the 2.5x10x42 lighted reticle IOR and I love it. Its the best scope I have owned so far and have been a leupy fan forever. I have never used a NF,USO,S&B so I can't compare. I have used the nikon,sightron,leupy,tasco,weaver,burris,redfield, and a couple other low end scopes and can...
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    Sako extractors flying apart??

    Those are jesus springs and parts. Jesus where did that go?!
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    Until I return partners!

    Best of luck in ********* ! Check back when you get the chance.
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    signed with the army today

    Thanks for serving this great country! Good luck! Remember the beginning is all head games. NOW DROP AND GIVE ME TWENTY!
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    308 To Ackley or Not

    I agree ... however if you want to try fireforming and delving into the relm of wildcatting there is no better way than an ackley improved version of a tried and true performer. before anyone jumps my sheet I am fully aware that ackley is not true wildcatting but some of the basics are there and...
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    LRH .... My people

    Wow! Something you need to get off your chest? I love this place and the folks here. I can't get my daily friends to understand or even care about the same things we experience here. I know its ananomous and at a distance but we share something that is special. I LIKE IT!!
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    Anybody build on Ruger actions??

    I've got a mod 77 mk II that was trued and rebarreled in a 243 AI. I extremely happy with the setup and the factory trigger job that Kirby did for me with this out of the box ***. See my post with pics of the rifle and email me if you need any other info.
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    Most memorable shot

    Re: Ok,,, One More, When I was 15 I was hunting in SW Idaho for mule deer with my dad. We hiked into this draw that was straight up on both sides and covered top to bottom in manzanita. My dad asked me how bad I wanted to kill something; I replied baaaaad! He sent me into the brush crawling...
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    Kirby Allen 224 AM progress?

    Fifty - Any idea what the front ignition does to brass life? Brass is cheaper than barrels but the modified brass will be higher $$'s. Just curious as to wheter you found any info during your research since you have not been able to determine by actual testing yet.
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    Snow camo

    I'm looking for a pair of insulated coverall or bib overalls and parka for winter coyote hunting. I have just used my carharts(brown) or walls(charcoal) in the past but want a snow/winter camo pattern pair. This might increase my success . What are you guys using and where did you get em? I...
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    280 AI Range Report

    JD - thanks for the info. I have a encore pistol in mind chambered in 280 AI. that is several projects down the road though. Always interested in the caliber.
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    Which laminated thumbhole stock?

    I can't say anything about the boyds stock but the Richards thumbhole I purchased was very rough when it arrived. Kirby and I both had much work to get it fitted and finished nice. The quality was there but I was surprised by how rough the shipped product was. It was my first custom stock...
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    How do you carry a heavy cannon?

    That biathalon sling looks pretty slick but I usually have a 30-40 lb backpack and shoulder slings tend to not get along. I have used a safari sling and it works pretty well but I usually end up carrying the rifle in my hands, crook of the arm, using the scope as a carry handle, etc.
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    I don't have a safe unless my truck counts. I keep all my guns in there. 2 rifles, 1 shotgun, 2 pistols and my bow. Not much room for passengers in the back but I can squeeze someone in the passenger seat if I move some stuff around. My kid owns more guns than I do but I shoot alot more than...
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    Can somebody sell this guy a truck!

    Hey! That looks like my daughters boyfriend's car. Oh yea his isn't running. Wait till that elk wakes up!

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