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    Ruger RPR 308 owners

    .75 to moa @ 100 I've had the rifle for about 2 years now. I run a thunder beast p30 and 3-15x50 night force optic.
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    Muzzel break blew off on the first shot!

    Sorry but the thread job on the barrel is horrible. The threads were not cut at 5/8". My guess they were cut just under that. The brake threads look good. They only way to fix is to cut .75" off barrel and start over.
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    Hunting in South Africa

    THIS ..............
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    A Problem With ALL Ruger American centerfire rifles

    I used my RA in 243 for the 1st time this year and didn' have the open bolt issue. In fact there is some light resistance when opening the bolt just as it should.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB Savage 243 Small Shank Varmint Barrel

    EBay has several varmint 243 for sale.
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    factory ammo for 1:7 twist 16 bbl?

    +1, on that. My SCAR 16s has 1/7 barrel and it loves the 75gr TAPS gun). LGS had them on sale for $14 per box so I bought several.
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    Pikes Peak camping question.

    Sorry yes it is Colorado. Thank you, I will definitely check that out.
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    Pikes Peak camping question.

    The family and I are going to Pikes Peak in September and was needing advise on a good campground. Prefer to camp at higher elevations and must have restrooms/showers. We may take our tent but also looked at single room cabins. Any help would be great. Also any good long range shooting...
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    What am I doing wrong??

    Dang auto correct. Butches bore shine. That's what I'd try.
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    What am I doing wrong??

    I have a rem 700 300wm I was having the same issue. Every time I adjust the scope the rounds went somewhere else (1.5-2 moa). The problem was, the cleaner I was using didn't clean out copper. My barrel was fouled out. I bought some batches bore shine and my groups at a 100 went from 1.5 to...
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    Having problems with my rifle

    What kind of rings are you using and base. Is the base a 2 piece or one piece? Last, what kind of scopes are you using?
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    308 subs

    Do you use any filler?
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    308 subs

    Addition to the above, be very careful going this route. It is possible to have flash back or secondary loading a slow burner and so little powder. That's why I used 215 hybrids. They are so long that they take up some of that extra space.
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    308 subs

    Well I finally got around to loading some subsonic 308's. I used 215gr hybrids with 31.2grs of WC872 and a OAL of 2.80. End result was 1023 fps. I started at 45grs and worked my way down 10% every 5 rds. This was done with a savage 10th with 24" 1/10 barrel finished with a thunder beast...
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    What tires do you run on your pickup

    I have Coopers HT on my 2010 F250 and love them.

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