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    First Bedding Job Completed.

    Did you use any particular YouTube video for guidance?
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    28 or 30 cal for build

    This is probably way out in left field, but if you enjoy reloading and tinkering with wildcats a .30-7mmRM AI would probably do all you want and then some. As for the cartridge, it sounds intriguing, but I can't find any info about it.
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    When to give up on a barrel?

    I'm not an expert on this by any stretch of the imagination, but, assuming all other variables remain constant, having a FL die custom cut to your chamber's specific dimensions might help.
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    Buddy wants one rifle for everything...?

    Does your buddy prefer a light weight rifle, or is weight not a problem?
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    McGowen or Hart Rebarrel

    Your experience with them and their product is unfortunate. My experience with them has been somewhat different than yours. The only "issue" being that after firing my cases were showing a tiny indentation which I wrongly attributed to a defect in the chamber. Their lead smith looked at the...
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    McGowen or Hart Rebarrel

    Yes, that included custom chambering (6 TCU) which is $140. Also included crowning, contouring, threading, stainless, and finish. Shipping and handling came to about $50.
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    McGowen or Hart Rebarrel

    Just checked my order. Total cost of my McGowen to the door and ready for the receiver, including shipping and handling, was $467. I think, like everything else, they've gone up a little since then.
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    McGowen or Hart Rebarrel

    I'm not trying to pass judgment here, just sharing what's out there. Haven't yet had an opportunity to see how well (or not) mine shoots, but am hoping for the best since part of the reason I went for McGowen was because of good reports.
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    McGowen or Hart Rebarrel

    Here's an article showing which barrels are used by top shooters. Bartlien's at the top, and McGowen (which I recently purchased) along with Criterion, K&P, and H-S Precision are at the bottom. Hart's not on the list.
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    McGowen or Hart Rebarrel

    When did you get this barrel? I believe I read where McGowen had acquired new machines.
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    Norma Brass

    I bought a bag of 250 .223 Norma cases a while back, and they look great. Have had no problems necking them up to 6mm for my 6-TCU.
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    Form/trim die saved the day.

    Recently got my new build back from the gunsmith. It's a 6mm TCU, and after expanding the .223 cases and seating the rounds wouldn't chamber. Scratched my head for a week about what was happening but everything I tried didn't work. Finally tried running the case with seated bullet thru the...
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    Bad barrel

    If the barrel manufacture doesn't have a photo to provide visual proof of the barrel before it left their plant, then they really can't say the scratch was your fault.
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    Did I really mess up my first bedding attempt

    Absolutely! Great "Drive-In" movie.
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    Need advice on light a light recoiling hunting rifle!

    Apparently, the 6-TCU and the 6PPC have equivalent powder capacities.