Those Tiresome Rifle Maintenance Chores

A few of the factories manufacture what I call a "disposable rifle" out of plastic and stainless steel that many feel requires no rifle maintenance. Outside of political pandering, nothing could be farther from the truth. All rifles require a certain amount of care and maintenance, and the sooner we realize this, the better off we and our guns will be!

Get more serious about better rifle maintenance. Take the time to wipe down the rifle after hunting in a rain storm. Pull the barreled action from the stock at least twice a year and wipe it down getting the crud, pine needles and other debris from the barrel channel. Flush out the trigger group with carburetor and choke cleaner once a year. Never apply love potions and or magic lubes to the trigger group as they are a magnet for dust and debris that will come back to bite your fanny. Always confirm your zero after removing the barreled action from the stock, torque the action screws to the same setting.

Apply anti-seize compound to the backside of your locking lugs. Apply some super slick cam grease to the cocking cam of the rifle to prevent galling and provide easier cocking.