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    Apr 13, 2008
    did a stupid thing. I loaded my Savage 10ML muzzleloader one day without shooting it. Took me two weeks before I was able to shoot again and I loaded it again. Although I knew that the bullet hadn't gone down all the way I thought it was just stuck for some reason and decided to shoot it out. The end result was a bulged barrel. Now I had no way of knowing that it was bulged but as I push the bullet down the barrel it was much easier toward the breech.

    I called Joe Degrande at Savage concerning this and he advised that I ship my gun to him for inspection. Sure enough he found a bulged barrel and in two weeks my newly barreled gun was at my doorstep along with a three shot/100 yard target showing holes measuring 1 1/4" center to center. Two of the holes were interlapped.

    I am wondering what other gun manufacturer would cover for my stupidity in such a way?? This must be awfully expensive for them. Not only in materials but also in labor. In a day where warrantees and guarantees are backed by tiny unreadable print and a retreat from customer service in general, I am amazed at this service.

    In contrast, on the home page of is a Low Price Guarantee. It says that within 30 days of purchase if you find the exact same item, selling not as clearance item, at less price than the one you bought from them that they will match the difference GUARANTEED! That's pretty explicit and clear isn't it? When I tried to hold them to that guarantee after finding the item on as a Buy It Now item from an online (well known) retailer the customer service dept alerted me to the fact that the retailer must be a "nationally well known retailer" and cannot be on Ebay since they also sell things at auction. My question to them is...Why isn't all of this stated in print on your web page? It wouldn't take up much room to state such. However my words fell on deaf ears.

    This attitude isn't so unusual in today's times. This is why I am so astonished at Savage Arms responce to my own stupidity that wasn't even their fault at all. Noone makes barrels that can't be damaged by operator misuse. I salute Joe DeGrande and Savage Arms for doing more than they promise. I almost feel compelled to send them at least a little something for their expenses (ALMOST) [​IMG] They not only mean what they say and say what they mean.....but they go further than that in protecting the cusumer from himself.

    Thanks Joe
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    Really nice to know.
    That's very awesome.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Customer Service

    When I am treated like that I purchase another one of there products as a thank you.

    The last time I was treated like that was with Oakley sunglass..HAd a pair for 9 years and managed to break both sides of the frame in one day. I sent them the glasses and frames looking to see what the cost would be for new frames..4 weeks later and $35.00 for shipping I had a BRAND NEW pair. they no longer made that style and replaced them with the new model.
    the next week I went and bought another pair!

    Its great to hear some companies actually care about there customers. With CS like that I will put them onto of my list when i start looking.

    Thanks for Sharing