Quick build Win Classic w/ BOSS in .300 win mag

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    Sep 5, 2013
    Hello all,
    I am very new to this forum and would appreciate some help in building a nice long range hunting rifle. I am an archery hunter and once a year I pick up a rifle for Antelope hunting in Wyoming. Other than that week in Wyoming I fling arrows. I do own a two rifles that I grew up with and used for big game hunting before I became addicted to archery. I have a Remington Model 700 in .30-06 and a Remington Model 700 in .243. Both are great guns.

    My father is aging and in 2003 he won a Winchester Classic with BOSS SS in .300 Win Mag during a national taxidermy completion. This gun has never been shot. My father wants to give this gun to me because I am one of the only avid outdoorsmen in the family. Needless to say this gun has sentimental value to me. My goal is to build this gun to take accurate shots up to 400 yards at game and hit paper at 1000 yards. The 1000 yard shot is only for fun and to see if I can do it consistently.

    I am flying to Colorado on 9/23 and have already spoke with the local gun shop about mounting the scope and bipod and have it ready for our trip to Wyoming 9/24. I want to shot it with him at distance at paper. I will have my .243 for the game.

    I can really use some of this forum expert advice since I have been focusing on archery for many years and don’t have current knowledge on long range rifles. It would be nice to do this build once and still be able to pass this to my kids who also hunt.

    For the build:
    Rifle – Winchester Classic w/ BOSS in .300 Win Mag SS synthetic stock

    Scope: Need glass that I can shoot @ 100 yards and 1000 yards. I like the concept of multi-zeros for different distances. I think I have a budget of about $1500 for the scope but that is flexible for the right reasons. I only want to do this once and it should last for my lifetime.

    Scope: Mounts. I understand the rifle has been factory drilled to accept scope mounts.

    Bi-pod: I would like to have the choice to shoot from a prone or sitting position. This will need to mount to the Synthetic stock. I would also like the option to still use a shoulder strap.

    Case: I would like to get a hard case big enough to carry the rifle and ship it if needed.

    I prefer to shop online since the prices always seem to be better if that matters.

    I am going to pull the trigger on the parts ASAP so I can get them to my dad and he can bring the gun to the shop.

    Please ask questions if I didn't give enough information.


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  2. Another Double

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    Sep 5, 2013
    Still no suggestions but hundreds of views. Doesn't anyone want to help with some advice?

    So no more waiting. I have pulled the trigger on the Carl Zeiss Optical Conquest HD5 5-25x50 20 Plex Reticle Rifle Scope with Lockable Target Turret and the correct Zeiss one piece mounting rail, and a Harris 13.5 - 27" bipod.

    Now for a case that I can ship and store it in.

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    Feb 27, 2006
    you are best off with a Remington 700 with a Krieger barrel. the zeiss conquest is a good scope . the 300 win mag is a great round and i have found them be very forgiving in finding a good/accurate load. it the round the military uses for long range . the further you depart from what they use the less likely you will have something that work like theirs. a Winchester Laredo is a very good long range Winchester rifle. my son-inlaw won the first 1000 yard match he shot in with A LAREDO . i do not shoot factory ammo. for antelope the 300 win mag is a powerful round good to 1000 yards out of an accurate rifle. for model 70 i would start with some amm o loaded with 150 ballistic tip or 168 or 210 berger bullets
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    Nov 26, 2005
    Get a 5.5-22nightforce mss along with nightforce rings and bases then see how she shoots. If you can reload then try good 180gr. To 230gr bullets. I like the 208amax but its up to you and gun. If you can't get it to shoot your looking at anew barrel a bblueprint job and possibly a stock and trigger but then it won't be the same gun u got. Basically top it off with nightforce stuff and just handload it to the best of its abilities
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    Sep 5, 2013
    I finished the build and the gun shoots great. I bore sighted it then hit BLM land in Wyoming. 100y, 200y zero, 300y, 400y and then 500y. Was able to keep within 4 inches of center @ 500y. After about a box and a half of bullets and a very bruised shoulder I started to hunt. Over 2 days I filled 3 antelope tags. Buck 400y, Doe 398y, Doe 365. It took 2 shots on the 365y cause it went high and it was a spine shot just above the front shoulder. The 398y doe was a sold heart shot and the 400y buck dropped after a 3 second dance. The buck was the longest shot I have ever taken at a non wounded animal and also ended up being a 14 1/4" horn length which is a personal best!

    For the record, all animals that were shot at ended up in my freezer. :D

    I love this gun!!

    Winchester Classic SS 26" Barrel 300 win mag with BOSS
    Removed ported BOSS and added BOSS CR
    Carl Zeiss Optical Conquest HD5 5-25x50 20 Plex Reticle Rifle Scope with Lockable Target Turret
    DNZ mount
    Harris 13" - 27" bipod with pivot
    SiteLite Mag Laser Broesighter
    Uncle Mike's Kodra Buttstock Open Style Rifle Shell Holder
    Scopecoat LG 14"x52mm xp-6 scope sock
    Allen Company Tejon Scoped Rifle case with Pockets (48")
    Ammo Federal Trophy Copper 165gr

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    Oct 11, 2012
    Congrats on a great hunt! For someone who doesn't shoot much, it seems like you have the fundamentals down pretty solid.
  7. Another Double

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    Sep 5, 2013
    Thanks. I am a technical engineer by day and love anything technical or scientific. I spent many hours researching the components and how to use them. Once they were all dialed in it was sure easy when it came down to pulling the trigger. I have to say it was 99% gun and technology once the cross hairs were on the target. This setup made it so easy!

    Things that I learned:
    Types of optics, reticals, and target turrets
    Ballistic Coefficients of bullets
    Drop Charts
    How temp and pressure affect trajectory and bullet speed
    How to bore sight
    How to use target turrets
    Mounting a scope (Dad always did it)
    An 11lbs gun is not really that heavy (6"2" 215 lbs.)
    Learned I need a range finder that goes beyond 550y

    Things I knew:
    The area since I have hunted there for years
    How to stalk animals
    Basics of holding a rifle steady using a rest, breath control, and a smooth trigger pull

    Thanks to some of the posts on this forum I was able to lurk and learn!

    I am now working on getting a new scope for my 30-06 and may consider a rifle pig hunt here in California. I will not be putting down my bow any time soon but LRH is exciting and I love the technical aspects of getting everything dial in and practicing. Very similar to challenges faced by archers.
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