No time for fireforming/reloading anymore.. sell or rechamber??

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    Apr 3, 2012
    Since having this rifle built, I've been unable to find time for fireforming and reloading for it. It is a Simison built/Meredith bedded Stiller Predator single shot action with a 28" Hart 1000 BR barrel long throated for the heavys. My problem is this rifle is pretty much exactly what I want with the exception of having to spend the time reloading. I have reloaded for several other rifles in the past and am slowly phazing out of it. So should I sell this rifle and start from scratch with a 260 Rem or similar build or just rechamber this rifle in 6XC which I can buy ammo for through DTAC? I've listed the gun in the classifieds so maybe this question will get answered for me before I come to a conclusion myself, but I'd sure love to hear your guys' opinions on what to do.

    The new rifle will be used for some bench shooting, prairie dogs and coyote calling.