YHM 6.8 SPC II AR-15 Upper

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    Feb 14, 2013
    Yankee Hill Machine AR-15 complete upper. Radical Firearms 12 inch FSG free float forend. Barrel is 16 inches long and chambered in 6.8 SPC II and is diamond fluted with an 1:10 twist. Muzzle device is (YHM) Annihilator Flash hider. (1) ASC 25rd magazine and (1) ASC 5rd magazine. Lower is a complete PSA lower.
    Please see photos for wear.
    $600 shipped
    Txt (208)420-5203
    -Ken Freeman
    868EEDE4-6848-42F2-9C6A-90FCC2BA99C9.jpeg D3B2F7F5-B887-4803-8F40-B38AA7BD4189.jpeg A6E61A80-028E-49CE-B8C8-D4F4DC6F14AD.jpeg 99994111-34DB-40FC-BE45-47CD83C33B1E.jpeg E2F02869-B0EE-4D16-AAAE-6437529EA44D.jpeg D5FABAC9-0309-4E61-AC95-081689F6B469.jpeg 2002EA4E-3908-46BF-94BF-BFDB829FB66B.jpeg 5AB2F96D-FAA6-48B0-A6A5-ADCDC92A9AE8.jpeg 8E20A58F-4696-4B91-ACD3-2784296D0267.jpeg
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