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Wyatt long box spring and follower


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Oct 5, 2012
Anyone have a complete Wyatt's long box laying around? I'm building a 6.5prc on a long action defiance. I think the long box is my only option, correct?
Or a Hawkins hunter detachable metal.. run the 300prc. Mags they seem to feed well
Their 6.5 prc box is too short 2.99", but thank you.

I already have a hinged bottom metal, sorry but no desire for dbm.
There long action is 3.770 in the hunter not 2.990.. its flush so doesnt look terrible..
I've had issues with the 6.5 prc feeding using the box Wyatts makes for a 300 prc. I learned from a smith that had the same issues that the way to get them to reliably feed was up get a box with no window cut in it and then cut the window in the correct location. The 6.5 prc is about 9/16 shorter than the 300 prc. I traced the window of the 300 prc box on the box with no window with it move back the 9/16. I cut it out in my mill and after getting it all cleaned up it feeds all rounds reliably. You might give Wyatts a call as I've talked to him about this and he might have made some boxes by now for the guys building 6.5 prc's on long actions.