Wyandotte, OK. QUE muzzle brake user, they are outstanding on my part.

Feb 10, 2015
Wyandotte, OK.74370
I have three of the QUE muzzle brakes installed on a 308 Win., a 300 Win Mag, and a 308 Marlin Express. In my opinion they work great, they reduce the recoil and I have been lucky enough to adjust them so that the accuracy increased on all three of the rifles. Brownells quit handling the QUE muzzle brake for some reason and I would very much like to purchase more of them. Installing them is easy and I have had NO problems with them to date. I am a retired gunsmith and have made several different muzzle brakes for customers in the past and I believe the QUE outperforms them all. Both my shoulders have been broken so I have to admit that I turned into a Wuss in the pain department, but with the QUE brakes, I can still shoot my favorite rifles. I have gone on the internet and looked at areas that said they had QUE brakes but so far have not found any. Can anyone lend any light on where to purchase them? Thanks if you can help.