SOLD/EXPIRED WTT/WTS Military body armor and .308 Weatherby Vanguard


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Oct 28, 2009
I have a basically unused (1 hunt) green composite stocked .308 Weatherby sub MOA Vanguard with harris bipod wearing Bushnell 3200 elite scope. I have NOT sighted in this scope since I removed the Nikon to put on a different rifle. Shoots extremely well, trigger is currently at 3.5 lbs. I don't like super light triggers, although I think you can lighten it further if you need to. No play in trigger at all. Bolt is clean and smooth. I do have a generic sling on it I think too.

I also have a like new medium ACU IBA military kevlar vest WITH medium SAPI level 3 rifle (7.62 M-80 ball ammo) plates. The plates are rated to take 3 hits. Ceradyne ceramic steel plates for front/back. I have shoulder/neck/throat kevlar, DAPS and groin panels to go with this if needed.

I'd prefer to trade for a very nice assault style weapon like a sig 5.56 or comparable. Actually I'm open to ANY ideas....Trade preferred with someone in the Texas area (central/austin) but I will ship if needed and have copious successful online references for buying/selling/trading as well.

Picture links aren't loading for some reason, gun on top of gun picture. email me/pm me with your email and i'll send pics.

armor pictures

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