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SOLD/EXPIRED WTT: Berger Bullets ***SOLD***


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Dec 4, 2008
SW Idaho
I need a box of 7mm Berger VLD Hunting 168gr - Naked.

I have a box of 7mm Berger VLD Hunting 168gr - Moly Coated AND a box of .30 Cal Berger VLD Hunting 190gr. Would trade either straight across.
Re: WTT: Berger Bullets

Will that work well?

I was afraid they would just sit at the bottom and not really tumble. I also didn't want to mess up the surface of the bullet.
Re: WTT: Berger Bullets

Did a little research on this and it appears that there are ways of removing the moly and tumbling will work. However, it sounds like it makes a real mess in the tumbler. So...I'm going to try to continue to try to find someone who would like to buy or trade them.