SOLD/EXPIRED WTT: Beautiful Custom 45. You gotta take a look.


Mar 15, 2004
Reno, NV
A brand new unfired Peters Stahl Multi Caliber.

This handgun is chambered in 45 cal.. It is brand new without a scratch on it.
I have had this in the safe for many moons. I just don’t see being the one to put a round thru this as it is a beautiful handgun and a real work of art.
I have had it into 5 different shops to price it, and they were all between $ 1500.00 and
$ 2000.00.

I am looking to trade this for a Nightforce scope with the new 1000 yd. reticle for a varmint rifle.
Please don’t beat me up on this, as I am not into custom handguns, and am only working from the prices given to me by full time custom gun shops, so if we find it is out of line, my apologies up front, and by all means make me an offer.
I am in the market for a custom long range rifle also, so throw it past me and see what we can work out.

Thank you so much for looking.


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