SOLD/EXPIRED WTT a Shiloh Sharps for optics

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by firefighter1990, Mar 17, 2011.

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    Feb 25, 2010
    idk how many of you guys out there shoot black powder cartidges. As pretty as this gun is, i just flat out dont shoot it. I paid 3100 for it 6 years ago and waited 4 of them to have it built. it Shiloh's #1 sporter in 45-90 i am just looking for good glass for a 338-378 imp build that is all ready to go. I would absolutely LOVE a S&B Police marksmen or a leupold mark4 3.5-10 in dark earth. other than that any NF or high end leupold plus some cash would be fun, idk- ill welcome any offers that come buy.
    Shiloh Sharps Rifles here is a like to shiloh's web page where the #1 sporter can be found. you;ll see that base line is $1900 but i had quite a few up grades, such as; fancy wood (not quite exhibition), 34in heavy full octigon barrel, mva high end sights pewter tip, mechanically fine tuning action springs and shears hand lapping of barrel- quite a bit to be short! :( beautiful gun- just needs an active life. I can email actual pics of rifle. thanks for looking