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SOLD/EXPIRED WTT 6mm berger 90BT, 75gr vmax, and 30cal 178 a-max


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Nov 13, 2005
WTT 30cal 178 a-max

looking to trade:

two unopened boxes of 100 each(200 total) berger 90gr BT, match grade bullets.--------------------------------------------------TRADED-------------------------------------

also, 36 of the 6mm hornady 75gr v-max bullets.------------------------------------------------------------------TRADED---------------------------------------------

last, i have 65 of the 30 cal hornady 178 gr a-max bullets.

will trade for
6.5 130 gr bergers.
30cal 185 berger vld's
223 50gr b-tips
30cal 220gr smk's

let me know if you want to trade
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Let me check how many 220gr Smkhp's I've got. I would like to get the 90gr 6mm Bergers.

Will check in the morning and get back to you.

Thanks, Tom
sounds good. i'll be out of town starting tomorrow for a few days, but will try and keep an eye on this thread.
Doug, Let me know if you still have the 6mm i have 1000 lapua sencar& 500 Bob Cauterucio 6.5, Jerry
I've got a full box (100) of 220gr Smkhp's.

Also have some collet pulled 200gr full metal jacket spitzer boattails that were the most accurate bullets I found in two different heavy barrel 300 Win Mags. One was a 40X and the other was a Hart barreled custom on a Sako action. I shot 1000 yd matches with both rifles. You might want to try a few of them. Both rifles could stay in the X-ring when I could.

No hurry, I've got about another 3 months before my 6mm barrel comes in. It's a 9 twist Lilja, so I'm rounding up some 90gr to 105gr bullets. Let me know how you want to trade.

Thanks, Tom
would ya wanna do a box of the bergers, and the rest of the 75gr vmax in 6mm for your box of 220's? if not, let me know what you were thinking.
Yeah, that works for me. I'll put some of the 200's in for you to try. P/M your mailing address, and I'll do the same.

Thanks, Tom
Are the 178 A-max an 6mm bergers still available? I've got some 208 amax and some 200 NAB.