SOLD/EXPIRED WTS/WTT: Defiance/ABS 6.5x47 barreled action


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Nov 6, 2009
I have a 6.5x47L barreled action that was built by Todd Bettin of Bettin Custom Guns. Specs are:

Defiance Rebel action (knob, lug, rail, 8-40 screws)
ABS Wrapped Saturn liner barrel 1:8tw at 25" in a Rem Varm contour.
Custom titanium muzzle brake
Chambered with a custom reamer with a .295" no turn neck and .160" freebore. This rifle will shoot the 140's very well.

Barreled action has 164 rounds fired thru it. It shoots.......1/4 moa rifle with a good driver. If you can't shoot it that good, it's not the rifles fault. Todd's work is second to none.

This is for the barreled action only. No trigger. No stock. No rings.
No I am not offering dies or brass.
No I do not know what it weighs.
No I do not have any pictures of groups.

The price is $2000 shipped and is firm. Not open to lower offers.

*****Trades: If you have a rifle or barreled action in 7SAUM or 7wsm, I may be willing to work a trade deal with you if it's specs are close to what I'm looking for. These are the only trades I need at the moment.




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