SOLD/EXPIRED WTS/WTT Custom Remington 700 in .260

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Mar 10, 2014
Peoria, Arizona
I bought this rifle with the intent of shooting .260 but I found a 6.5 Creedmoor I liked better and prefer shooting one caliber. I had the rifle bedded, installed the new trigger and had the rifle and stock refinished. It has not been shot since the Cerakote was applied.

Rifle: $1300

•Six digit (extremely smooth) Remington 700 action
•26" Shilen barrel installed by Ron Dewarf in Tucson. It is a 1:8 twist as best as I can time it. Muzzle diameter: .675. Barrel at approximately 24": .72. Best estimate on round count is under 600.
•Sako extractor installed by Ron Dewarf in Tucson
•McMillan stock professionally refinished by McMillan, 13.5" LOP
•Cerakote – Color is Armor Black by X-Werks in Phoenix
•Pillar and glass bedded by Lester Bruno in Phoenix, Timney trigger w/safety set at 2lbs
•Shoots sub MOA. I shot a .6" group prior to Cerakote with older single piece Remington bases and rings. A better setup would probably yield better groups, so it shoots.
•Weight without scope, base or rings: 8lbs 4oz

Ammo, Brass and Bullets (Buyer gets first option on all items below. I don't want to sell any of it until the rifle sells):

•Nosler Competition bullets 140grn - $25
•100 SMK 120 grn bullets - $30
•100 SMK 142 grn bullets - $30
•100 Hornady SST grn 140 bullets - $27

•Used RCBS 260 dies - $30
•Used Lee Dies - $20

All ammo was loaded/prepped by the previous owner. I have all load data for all rounds loaded.

•100 new Lapua Brass - $90
•118 spent cases- $20
•166 deprimed cases- $30
•157 120 grn SMK loaded rounds - $90
•129 140 grn SMK loaded rounds- $75
•226 primed cases - $90
•(All loaded cases and brass have 210m primers)

•Approximately 50-100 SMK 120/140 grn bullets - $0
•Random powders (a few pounds of powder that came with the estate)- $0

Buy it all for $1800 shipped, $1700 if FTF in Phoenix or Tucson area. Email me at halfmoa591 at gmail dot com.

I am posting this on other sites so if you want it please post "I will take it".

Preferred trades would be:

Remington 700 style barreled action/rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor
Remington 700 aftermarket action
6.5mm SS Varmint/Sendero contour or lighter barrel
McMillan HTG or similar style stock
Jewel/Shilen trigger with safety for 700 actions
Spotting scope
FFP Optics - Mil/Mil only
Noveske rifles/low profile barrels
Larue rifles

***Maybe be interested in other trades. Let me know what you have to trade.

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