SOLD/EXPIRED WTS WTT Bob Brackney Built 257 Roberts Ackley rifle

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    Mar 16, 2010
    I Have a Bob Brackney Built Rem 700 Long action Rifle for sale or trade.

    It includes the following:
    Remington 700 action #125XXX completely reworked by Mr Brackney. (Nobody makes a slicker remington 700 Action)
    Side Bolt release installed.
    Pinned Lug.
    Singlepoint theaded.
    Sako type extractor installed on bolt.
    Firing pin bushed.
    Bartlein rem varmit taper fluted barrel 24 inches .835 @ muzzle. chambered in 257 ackley 40degree, .292 neck .
    Jewel trigger with safety.
    Holland Bdl bottom metal.
    Mcmillan Htg hunter stock in olive, tan and black. Also have a hogue full bed black stock instead if you would rather have that.

    All metal has been Titanium Nitrided in a Matte Black finish.
    Redding Dies and 40 pieces nosler Brass. 1xfired.
    I have fired the rifle 80 times. 60 rounds to break in before nitriding and 20 since.

    Shoots very nice. 1/2 minute with 110 accubonds.
    Truthfully have not spent much time developing loads.

    I bought this gun to hunt with but I just never seem to use it.

    Have well over 3k in it.

    $2350 cash or credit card.
    Let me know what you have to trade.
    I Prefer phone calls to discuss trades or answer questions.

    Email for pictures.


    Ben Wiley- 409-443-1550 [email protected]

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