SOLD/EXPIRED WTS/T: Nighthawk built SA Range Officer 1 of 500


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Jul 8, 2009
Started life as a SA Ranger Officer, one of the original 500 made. Was sent to Nighthawk for an 8 month rebuild. Looks great and feels like a custom built Nighthawk. I’ve owned a couple of full Nighthawks in the past and this feels every bit as well built.

Here is a list of the work performed at NH. All the stock parts come with the pistol (not that you would ever put them back in).

25 LPI checkering
Ball cuts
T3 Magwell
Dawson Rail
Nighthawk ignition parts and trigger
Nighthawk trigger job
Nighthawk thumb safety and slide stop
Nighthawk thick bushing
Nighthawk recoil spring plug
Nighthawk golf ball grips
Relief cut in the frame for the barrel lugs
Flush cut and crowned barrel
Harrison rear sight
Tritium night sights
Black nitride finish

There is a small bit of handling marks on the rear sight and if you hold the pistol just right there is a very faint takedown idiot mark. Otherwise this looks like it was new off the custom bench yesterday. Comes with the SA box, paperwork, NH test target, stock SA innards, stock SA grips. Pistol has not been carried, only test fired after back from NH.

$2100 + shipping to your dealer.


Would be open to trades, optics, nice bolt guns, ammo, etc. I can add cash to a deal, would love to get a HK91. Just try me.

First pictures are mine, the others I lifted from someone (they are much better at photos than I am).