Nighthawk 300wm


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Apr 15, 2011
IMG_0771.JPG Surgeon Action
Manners Stock
22" Barrel (MTU?) Probably a Broughton Barrel
Jewell Trigger
AI Mags
Nightforce ATACR F1 5-26 Mil/Mil (FFP not 2nd focal plane)
Spuhr Mount
AAC Titan QD Suppressor 308/300wm/338LM

I'm currently talking with Nighthawk trying to do some research on this rifle. The guy I spoke with today said they only built around 100 rifles total and a good portion of those were hunting rifles. The majority of their tactical rifles were built for the military. He said very few are in civilian hands. They were very surprised that I had one in .300wm when I called. They told me to keep it as it was a really rare bird. They are doing some research to find out the history of this gun and I'll post it when they call me back with more information.
I bought it a few years ago from a guy off Snipers Hide. The gun was new when I bought it. The story I got from him was there were 25 of these built for a special forces group all in 300wm and this is 1 of the 25. I believe he was a sniper instructor, but I can't validate this. I bought the suppressor & optic separately. Hopefully Nighthawk will be able to shed some light on the history of the rifle.

I have shot the gun just enough to get it sighted in and it's one of the most accurate guns I've owned. It was shooting bug holes with factory 220smk's. With the suppressor on, it has a .1 mil shift down in POI. Pretty **** good for a QD mounted can. It had no horizontal shifting with the suppressor attached per my notes. According to my notes, the gun has 40 (220 SMK's) rounds through it. It's in great condition. It has a few minor scratches on the bottom of the stock and a few handling marks. Gun weighs around 15lbs with the heavy NF scope attached.
It appears Nighthawk can build a rifle just as good as their 1911's.
Trigger is amazing and feels around 2lbs to me.

I'm still debating on selling the suppressor, but if someone wanted the entire package, I'd sell it with the gun.

It's hard to put a value on the rifle. I'm not sure if it has any collector value or not, but according to Nighthawk, it should.

I believe I paid $6500 for the gun a few years ago. I have never seen another Nighthawk 300wm for sale and can't find any past sales of any.
Prices below are subject to change as I find out more information on the rifle. I don't want to split anything up unless the rifle sales first. Pictures make the FDE look funny, but the gun looks amazing in person.

Rifle Only $4500
Suppressor $1000
Optic & Mount $2950

I don't check PM's at work. Email is the best way to contact me. I return emails Mon-Fri 8-5pm. I will be out of the country in Oct if this post is still around then.
EMAIL zachATmeadowsoilDOTnet
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