SOLD/EXPIRED WTS: Semi custom Winny Extreme Weather 260 Rem


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Oct 7, 2008
South Texas
Per the title, I have an Extreme Weather with a PacNor, 8 twist stainless super match barrel, 11 degree crown, fluted, cut and contoured to match the original barrel at 22" long. PacNor did the work, finish reaming to fit 140 Amax's in the box and touching the lands, 139 Scenar's and 136 Scenar-L's touch the lands and fit the box as well. The flutes are deeper and look much nicer than the factory flutes in my opinion.

The barrel has less than 400 rounds, it likes 140 Amax's and 139 Scenars. The buddy I got it from worked up a load using 45.3gr H4831 and the 140 AMaxs and it shot sub half MOA. He ran it out to 600+ yards banging steel but I've never shot it since I got it.

There are a couple spots on the stock where the texture of the stock came off while he was repainting the rifle but they are covered by the new paint and they never bothered me. Other than that it is a great little rifle and it will be a heck of a good hunter. I am just consolidating down to fewer rifles and going to concentrate my efforts there.

I am asking $1225 shipped for the rifle with a set of talley lw 30mm rings included. I still have a 260 CTR for now so I am going to keep my brass and dies until I decide if I'm going to list the CTR for sale as well. As always if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.


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