SOLD/EXPIRED Winchester Extreme Weather .260 FS/T

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Dec 22, 2008
Started life as a EW 7/08 that was sent into PacNor and retubed with a 1/8 twist and finished at 22". The contour is a factory dupe with deeper flutes. The action was trued, lugs lapped etc at the same time. Original BC stock was replaced with a used BC UltraLight, which has much better grip ergos IMO. Weighs 6lbs 14oz as pictured. The rifle shoots 140 AMaxes/Bergers/ 139 Scenars very well and has plenty good killing mojo. Factory box was modified to feed the long bullets and still fit within /the mag confines. Rifle has about 500-550 rounds through it and is an honest sub-MOA rifle.

$1200 shipped. First public ITI followed by PM.
Only trades I'd be interested in is a Rem 700 SS ( old smooth style preferably) 7/08 barreled action or a used Kimber Montana in the same caliber.

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