SOLD/EXPIRED WTS: Savage large shank barrel

Its only light

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Aug 22, 2012
Central MN
Up for sale is a savage take off barrel. It is from a savage model 12 precision target FTR. It's 30 inches long and measures 1 inch at the muzzle and is chambered in .308 Winchester. It has a 1-10 twist rate, it shoots very well I'm just looking to go with a 7mm of somekind. I also have 400rnds of 1x fired 308 brass (black hills match), Hornady dies and a Hornady modified case that I could throw in for the right price. I've been able to find a couple loads that shoot under a half inch at 100 yards with very minimal load development. She's a shooter!

Asking 225/obo for the barrel.

NOTE: the new FTR's have 12 twist barrels, this is a 2007 model that I bought new in 2010 and put less than 300rnds through so far. The manual with the gun said it has a 10 twist and I have verified this via the cleaning rod method.

Email me for pics or questions: [email protected]

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