SOLD/EXPIRED WTS - Rossi 92 Trapper 44 Mag

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Feb 10, 2012
Central Oregon
WTS – Rossi 92 Trapper in 44 Magnum with a 16” barrel. I tuned this rifle using Steve Gunz’s kit and instructions. This 92 cycles very smooth and according to my gunsmith it is one of the smoothest he has ever worked. I can cycle it slow to fast or anywhere between and I have not had a jam. I have been shooting 240 and 270 gr jacketed bullets. The lawyer safety has been removed but I have the part but you would need the spring and ball to put it back in service. As you can see I installed a Skinner barrel peep sight. I’m selling it because my eyes have gotten weaker and I can’t see the front sight anymore and I don’t like levers with scopes.
** $550 ** shipped from my FFL to your FFL in the lower 48.


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