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    This is one of the baddest USP's you can purchase... It has had slide lightening done on the outer part of the slide which is easily seen in the pictures. The slide serrations are cut at a 27 degree angle to match the serrations on a Match compensator. The slide was lightened to compensate for the weight of the Burris Fastfire III that is mounted on the back of the slide now. This keeps the weight of the slide the same as if the slide was never touched, thus, keeps it working in its original perameters that Hk designed the gun for. As you can see, the Fastfire is also recessed into the slide giving the shooter a flatter sight plane. When the machining was first done, the USP was put together and had four mags put through with all different types of ammo to make sure it functioned like a USP should. After the functions testing was done, I took the slide and the slide release, and parkerized them, and then blued over the parkerizing, so, it has two protective layers on it. The barrel, and some of internals in the slide were refinished with hot blue also. The gun has not been fired after the refinishing of the parts. This means that the new front sight was just put on and has not been adjusted, you will have to sight it in. There is a white line on the back of the Fastfire that you line up with the front dot for your basic iron sights. The button on the left hand side of the Fastfire III turns it on, and adjusts the brightness. With it on, you have a second aiming point, or you can line it up exactly with the front sight. As it is right now, the dot sits right above the front sight as seen in the picture below. With the Match compensator and the Match barrel, the black USP and my stainless are the most accurate guns I have ever had on a ransom rest, and some of the most fun guns I have ever shot. The USP has a Match trigger installed, and will come with two twelve round magazines. The reporduction Match weight is made from billet aluiminum and not a three quarter pound piece of steel, making it a very nice, and not so front end heavy, shooting gun. The original Match USP's were disliked by many because of the heavy weight, which the aluminum takes care of. Compared to an actual factory Hk Match USP, this USP with the aluminum reproduction Match weight, and National Match barrel, shoots the same, if not better than my last Hk factory Match gun did. Price wise, this is a better gun than the nose heavy factory Hk USP Match. This USP will be shipped with the Burris Fastfire's box, and all of its original contents. The purchase price is $1700, and shipping will be $30 from Colorado.
    [Information added 12/3/2012 11:38:56 PM]Yes, all the numbers match on this USP, and yes, you get the regular barrel with the gun.

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